Westinghouse Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsWestinghouse Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings – Westinghouse air conditioners are produced with SEER ratings from 13 SEER all the way up to 20 SEER with many air conditioners offering mid-range SEER ratings between the high and low SEER ratings. Westinghouse air conditioners are considered a very high SEER for the Westinghouse top-of-the-line model air conditioner.

How does Westinghouse meet this very high-efficiency SEER range? By using the same inverter technology that is used in mini-splits and that was perfected by many Japanese companies like Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Inverter technology allows the compressor and fan motors to modulate based on the load and this is how they produce some of the highest-rated and efficient AC’s available on the market for a conventional air-source split system that utilizes ductwork. Selected features of various Their air conditioners include:

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It seems that Westinghouse has made a great product here and it is efficient far above other manufacturers. It is AHRI certified (all the Westinghouse products we looked at) which is a respected testing agency for the HVAC industry that certifies the efficiency claims by the manufacturer. If you get the communicating system offered in the premium models it would be wise to make sure of two things:

  1. that you get an extended warranty for parts and labor if offered
  2. that they wire the system to use a traditional legacy thermostat in addition to the new wire used for the communicating thermostat. If something goes wrong with the communicating thermostat you want the option to easily change the system back to the legacy thermostat.

Lastly, High Performance HVAC always recommends you find a competent contractor for the installation. If the system is not installed properly then you can expect it to perform as advertised.

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For more information on Westinghouse and their latest models and efficiency, ratings visit the Westinghouse website.

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Westinghouse Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings