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Airease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsAirease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings . Airease offers residential and light commercial gas furnaces in various sizes and efficiency ratings. Their top efficiency rating is 97 AFUE for their top of the line model while the minimum rated efficient furnace is 80 AFUE. Airease has 3 different product series from top to middle to bottom. The top of the line models are called the Pro Series Gas Furnaces while the other two categories are not named except by the type of gas furnace they produce.

The economy grade category is simply single stage gas furnaces rated from 80 AFUE to 95 AFUE. The mid grade line of gas furnaces from Airease range in efficiency levels from 80 AFUE to 96 AFUE and are described as “Constant Torque Blower & Two- or Single-Stage Performance”. More on that later. The Airease top grade models include multi-staging with variable speed blowers. Airease also has some gas furnaces that are Energy Star rated. For more information on Energy Star Gas Furnaces see our link in the menu on the right.

Airease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Looking through the sales literature this is what I came up with from a technicians perspective.

Airease has, what they call, EHX™ Technology available in all their gas furnaces. Now you may be asking yourself what it is and how does it benefit you? Basically, it is a method of how they construct their heat exchanger for their gas furnaces. They use a special crimping method to crimp the joints of the heat exchanger and that prevents heat strain and fatigue stress in the assembly process. Airease also claims the heat exchanger is specially shaped to improve heat exchange and air flow through the heat exchanger. Essentially, what they are saying, is that this technology improves efficiency and longevity of the gas furnace.

Another description Airease uses for most of their gas furnace is “Quiet Combustion Technology”. Airease claims that they have specially designed gas burners that make the firing process much quieter than standard gas burners. I think they are stretching things a bit when they say the burners uses a smaller BTu input per burner to make things quieter. I think, instead they should have said, they have more burners that are smaller to make the furnace quieter. That’s all good because no one wants hear a rumbling sound every time their gas furnace is running. But then again, there may be some people that do like a rumbling sound. It may help them sleep better at night.

Select Features - Airease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Select features of various AirEase gas furnaces include:

  • Programmable Communicating Wi-Fi Thermostat called the Comfort Sync Thermostat. This is an optional feature loaded with extra features and is recommended especially to those who are tech savvy. This is a communicating WIFi thermostat as opposed to any conventional thermostat. I recommend if you purchase this option with your new Air Ease gas furnace and air conditioner system that you have the installation technicians also pull the normal wire for a conventional thermostat. I believe the wire is the same 18 gauge wire used for a conventional thermostat but the communicating thermostat only requires 4 wires to work while most conventional thermostats (with a gas furnace and air conditioner) require 5 wires for the thermostat. So I would ensure they pull a 5 wire bundle versus just pulling a 4 wire bundle. This way, in the future, if you decide to use a conventional thermostat the wire will be there and you won’t have to pull wire for that process. More on the communicating thermostat below.
  • Select Airease gas furnaces are two-stage gas furnaces
  • Top of the line Airease gas furnaces is a modulating gas furnace
  • Various Airease gas furnaces offer a variable speed blower motor. This is especially important if you get a matching high efficiency air conditioner with your gas furnace. I always recommend getting a matching system to prevent Frankenstein HVAC systems. Variable speed blowers are also soft start and more efficient than conventional PSC blower motors.

Contractors - Airease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

It appears Airease has a good network of licensed contractors and dealers to install their systems. That doesn’t mean you can avoid doing homework and checking the contractor out to make sure they have a good reputation. See our article on finding a good contractor and the HVAC Consumers Buyers Guide to help you with this process. This is more important to get right than selecting your brand. If the unit is not properly installed then it will not function as designed and its longevity can be reduced. So instead of getting a system that gives you 15 years of good reliable service, an improper installation will give headaches for 10 years before it goes belly up. If you are lucky it will last that long. Then you will be back here on this site making a terrible review of the system. So make sure you get a good contractor! Read the Buyers Advice Guide I referenced you to and if you see any red flags I describe in there for the contractor then find another one.

Now, back to the communicating WiFi thermostat. This is a pretty fancy thermostat with lots of features and packs a technological punch for features and control. It gives you remote monitoring and control for both Apple products and Android products. It is especially recommended for the top of the line modulating gas furnace. These furnaces need added control and with this thermostat you get that. There are also some conventional thermostats that give you the same control. We are currently working on an article to describe this in detail. For an article that describes this in limited terms see our Honeywell Thermostat Troubleshooting article. These control features get kind of technical and are not graspable by some people but I do try to explain it in terms you will understand.

Conclusion - Airease Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Airease is based out of South Carolina and they have dealer networks all over the USA and Canada.  They produce gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, oil furnaces, air handlers, package units, and coils for HVAC applications. The parent company for Airease is Lennox which is a brand I recommend to many people. Thank you for visiting High Performance HVAC and don’t forget to share us on social media! We appreciate it as we hope you appreciated this review! Caio!

Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Airease Gas Furnace Reviews

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