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Tempstar HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Tempstar offers heating and cooling systems for residential and light commercial applications that are energy efficient and practical. From central air conditioners to heat pump systems and mini splits in various efficiency ranges and BTU capacities. For further details on specific Tempstar central AC and heating systems see the menu below. 

Tempstar Condensing Units Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Tempstar Condensing Units Reviews - Tempstar condensing units are available for residential and light commercial applications and available in heat pump models and air conditioner models. The efficiency ratings for the heat pumps range from 19 SEER for the cooling...

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Tempstar IIS 90 Two Stage Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Tempstar IIS 90 Two-Stage Gas Furnace Reviews - The Tempstar IIS 90 Two-Stage Gas Furnace in model series T9MPT Tempstar gas furnace line-up offers up to efficiency up to 92% and is listed as an Energy Star rated gas furnace. This is an archive review. This particular...

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Tempstar Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Tempstar Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Tempstar offers heat pumps in efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7.7 HSPF to 19 SEER 11 HSPF. Tempstar offers a variety of warranties depending on the Tempstar heat pump product you select and typically the higher efficiency...

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To get started on getting a Tempstar system you will want to contact an authorized Tempstar HVAC Contractor. Heating and air conditioning systems produced by Tempstar include:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • AC Systems including split air conditioners and mini split air conditioners
  • High efficiency furnaces

When purchasing a heating and cooling system you will need to decide on the energy efficiency rating. The higher the energy efficiency rating the lower the operating costs. This reduces energy use and lowers energy cost over the long term. Energy savings is always good for a homeowner. However, typically, the higher the efficiencies the more upfront cost to purchase the equipment. Purchasing an HVAC unit for air conditioning & heating is a decision you will need to make based on budget. Higher upfront cost for lower utility bills or cheaper upfront cost for higher energy bills. The decision is yours. Do your homework and select a good air conditioning contractor that does quality work.

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