Tempstar Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsTempstar Package Unit Reviews - Tempstar packages can be purchased in configurations of hybrid heat pumps with backup electric heat, air conditioners with optional backup electric heat, heat pump package units and air conditioner package units with gas heat also referred to as gas packs. Tempstar package units are primarily produced for residential and light commercial use.
Efficiency ratings for Tempstar air conditioner package units range from 13 SEER to 16 SEER plus. Gas packs for the furnace side have 80 AFUE ratings. Most manufacturers offer only mid-range efficient package units as compared to conventional split system air conditioners, heat pumps, and gas furnaces. Package units typically operate outdoors and have more jacket losses as compared with split systems.

Tempstar Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Various features of selected Tempstar package units include:

  • Tempstar package units have two-stage scroll compressors on selected units
  • Tempstar package units have painted steel cabinet for durability
  • Direct spark ignition for selected Tempstar package units
  • Tubular stainless steel heat exchanger on select Tempstar package units
  • 10-year limit parts warranty on select Tempstar package units
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • Tempstar Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 90% 90%
  • Tempstar Quality as Compared to Other Brands 90% 90%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 81% 81%
  • Tempstar Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 88% 88%
  • Overall Tempstar Opinion from a Technical Perspective 91% 91%

Tempstar Package Unit Top SEER Rating

Tempstar Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Conclusion

Tempstar has different warranties for various equipment. Always make sure you understand the warranty before making any major purchase especially major purchases such as HVAC equipment. Some warranties require you to have a certified installer install the HVAC equipment based on manufacturers requirements and in compliance with all codes. There is not much history about Tempstar except the fact they are owned by United Technologies

If you have a particular model number for any type of HVAC Equipment please email us and we will do an HVAC technical review of the air conditioning or heating equipment for you.

For more information on Tempstar and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Tempstar website.

Package Unit Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Tempstar Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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