Heat Pump Frost Ice BuildUp | HVAC-Troubleshooting

Heat Pump Frost Ice Buildup. Hi. I noticed that one of my outside heat pump condensing units was laboring throughout the night. This morning I found ice frost buildup on the heat pump condenser fins. I live in Tucson, Az. It has been colder than normal (below freezing) with a bit more moisture in the air than usual as of late. Can you please tell me what causes this frost ice buildup, and how I go about rectifying? Does this mean that the condenser pump is shot? I’m originally from the Midwest and have never experienced this before. What should I be doing? Thank you for your help. (more…)

Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors | Motor Start Assist

Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors - Start Capacitor with Potential Relay
Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors - HVAC single phase compressors always come hooked up to a run capacitor. This helps the compressor when it is running, however, very few HVAC compressors come with a start capacitor. Most HVAC technicians know HVAC compressors pull a lot of amps on startup. This large amperage draw on startup is referred to technically as locked rotor amps or inrush current. It can be as much as 40,000 watts or more of pure power to get an HVAC compressor started. (more…)

Frozen Air Conditioner HVAC Troubleshooting

What you will learn from Frozen Air Conditioner article:

  1. the major two reasons why your air conditioner has ice on it somewhere (otherwise you likely wouldn’t be here)
  2. the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner in winter and summer operation
  3. why airflow is essential to a central air conditioning system
  4. enough about HVAC refrigeration to help you determine the problem of a frozen air conditioner.

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Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem

Gas Furnace with Drain Pipes to Drain the Condensation.

Furnace Water Leak Possible Condensate Problem - Richard, My furnace is leaking water. It is summer time so I am not using it for heat except for the blower fan which is hooked up to the air conditioner and the heat. I know the pipes from the outside units run into a box on top of the furnace. I think that is a part of the air conditioner. What can I do to fix the problem if you know what the problem is by my explanation here? Dan
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Heat Pump Sequence of Operation – HVAC Technical

Heat Pump Sequence of Operation - Every electrical-mechanical piece of equipment has a sequence of operation. While some manufacturers of heat pumps vary slightly with their heat pump sequence of operation the overall sequence of operation for a heat pump is the same for most manufacturers. So unless you have a special type of heat pump (they are out there – the Acadia heat pump is designed for extreme cold weather temperatures up North like Canada) the sequence of operation for your heating equipment should be very similar to what is described here. This is the basic operation of a heat pump like you will find in conventional heat pumps.

Helping Your Air Conditioner – Beating the Heat

Helping Your Air Conditioner - Beating the Heat - The new house you just bought is not so cool and the air conditioner seems to run all the time. You begin to worry that maybe something is wrong with the air conditioner. You tolerate it for a while until your spouse broaches the subject a few hours later. Both of you discuss the matter and come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the air conditioner. (more…)

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting | HVAC Technical

For proper Air Conditioner Troubleshooting, you need to understand some basics of air conditioners. This includes basic refrigeration, electricity, electrical components and how electro-mechanical controls work. In addition, basic air conditioner components and air conditioner sequence of operation. Before troubleshooting, you need to identify the basic problem with the system. Aside from the basics such as blown fuses or a tripped breaker we will explore other areas to look at for air conditioner troubleshooting. Tripped circuit breakers for air conditioning systems are covered here. A good preventive maintenance program done periodically can help you avoid common air conditioning problems that require troubleshooting. (more…)

Heat Pump Problems | HVAC Heating & Cooling

Heat Pump Problems | HVAC Heating & Cooling - Heat Pumps are very popular especially in the South where air source heat pumps are mostly favored over straight air conditioners with a gas furnace for heating. Heat Pump ProblemsWith a heat pump, one system can provide heating and cooling. Some people rely on a geothermal heat pump system or a water source heat pump. A geothermal heat pump extracts heat from the ground instead of the air like an air source heat pump works. (more…)

Air Conditioner Problems | HVAC Cooling

Air Conditioner Problems - As an HVAC technician I am aware of all the problems air conditioners can develop. Therefore, you will get a unique perspective on air conditioner problems. And hopefully, how to avoid these problems. Trane Condensing UnitAir conditioners have become a norm in today’s society. Forty or fifty years ago air conditioners were considered a luxury. Now there are building designs where the occupants must rely on air conditioning to remain comfortable.

Additionally, with higher energy costs it is important that our air conditioners are maintained. Hence, a properly maintained system uses less energy and repair costs are lower and less frequent.

Air Handlers | Heating and Cooling

Caution is always advised around mechanical and electrical equipment including air handlers. Turn the power off before removing any panels.

Air HandlersAir Handlers - An air handler is usually located in the garage, a closet, or in the attic (unless you have a package unit then the air handler is incorporated into one system). It is essential to any AC unit and heating forced air system. All AC units need an air handler or way to move air. It can be a part of your furnace and houses the evaporator coils, the blower motor, and some HVAC controls. It can be an up flow, down flow, or horizontal flow AHU (air handling unit). (more…)