Air Conditioner Condenser Electrical Components – HVAC Cooling

What you will learn from this article Air Conditioner Condenser Electrical Components:

  1. Brief description of air conditioner condenser electrical components
  2. Code requirements for the condensing unit feeder circuit, fuse box, and wire running to the condenser
  3. Wiring inside the condenser
  4. Description of various electrical components inside the condenser
  5. Lots of resource and related links to help you learn more.


Common Air Handler Problems & Maintenance Schedules

Common Air Handler Problems - Air Handling Unit installed in a tight attic.

With proper maintenance, you can avoid common air handler problems

Common Air Handler Problems. Everyone loves to be comfortable, so when there is a problem with the HVAC system, we can become very uncomfortable. The air handler in the HVAC system has electrical and mechanical components in it that can experience problems from time to time. Some of the most common problems with air handlers can help you identify the problem and possibly fix the issue — many common air handler problems you can avoid with regular air handler maintenance.

Although some of the issues listed will need the attention of a professional HVAC technician to repair the air handler, after all, an HVAC technician will have all the tools and likely the parts available to make a fast and efficient repair. Furthermore, since every air handler is different it is possible the problems described here do not apply to your situation.


Refrigeration Pressure Switches | HVAC Systems

What you will learn from Refrigeration Pressure Switches

  1. A question from one our readers - What are refrigeration pressure switches and how pressure switches protect the refrigeration circuit.
  2. All about high-pressure refrigeration switches
  3. All about low-pressure refrigeration switches
  4. Benefits of refrigeration pressure switches
  5. Refrigeration Pressure Switch Settings
  6. Refrigeration Pressure Switch Wiring Diagram
  7. Lots of related links to help you learn more

Richard - What are pressure switches used for in refrigeration circuits and how do pressure switches protect the system from further damage? (more…)

Variable Speed ECM Condenser Fan Motors | HVAC Refrigeration

Variable Speed ECM Condenser Fan Motors are used in condensers for the high efficient models so that the fan speed for the condenser can be modulated according to the load of the system. The ECM variable speed fan motors are used in condensers that have a modulating compressor. They are also used in condensers that have two compressors or a two-stage compressor. The ECM motor adds to the efficiency of the system by modulating the condenser fan motor. The speed matches the compressor that runs based on demand. (more…)

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors | HVAC Heating & Cooling Systems

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors

An ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor in a squirrel cage blower

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors - Variable speed ECM blower motors have become increasingly popular in residential air conditioning and heating systems. From an engineering perspective, these motors increase the efficiency of the systems and offer a whole range of other benefits that help the system and the consumer. Furthermore, comfort is enhanced using ECM blower motors along with noise reduction. (more…)

Condenser Fan Motor Repair | Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

What you will learn from the Condenser Fan Motor Repair article:
1) Specific description of a motors job along with some technical details
2) Air Conditioner & heat pump fan motor operation
3) Fan motor troubleshooting basics
4) Condensing unit fan motor repair warning and disclaimer - Turn the power off before working on the fan
5) Replacing or repairing the motor
6) Why you should replace the capacitor when you replace the motor
7) Conclusion along with lots of resource and related links so you can take a closer look and learn more. (more…)

Gas Furnace Components 3 | HVAC Heating

Gas Furnace Components 3Gas Furnace Components 3 - Gas furnace ignition controls vary from furnace manufacturer to furnace manufacturer. Some are proprietary and some are from an engineering company which specializes in gas furnace ignition controls. Honeywell being a major manufacturer of controls for HVAC also makes several gas furnace ignition controls.

Gas furnace ignition controls have advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. The standard was standing pilot ignition. Solid state ignition controls are safer and more efficient than ignition controls of yesteryear.

Thermostat Wiring Colors Code | HVAC Control

Thermostat Wiring Colors Code Page Navigation

    1. Essential Thermostat Wiring Color Guide Including Manufacturers Instructions
    2. Thermostat Terminal Designations
    3. Thermostat Wire Color Code Chart
    4. Tracing the Wire to the Source
    5. Additional Resources

    What you will learn in Thermostat Wiring Colors Code article:

    1. First, what thermostat wire color is likely to go to which terminal on the thermostat
    2. Secondly, the function of each wire terminal on the average thermostat highlighting some of the differences in those functions from manufacturer to manufacturer
Sometimes, the thermostat is not the problem. Please check this article for a checklist of things to check before calling a heating and cooling repair service.

Thermostat Wiring Colors Code | HVAC Control

Thermostat Wiring Colors CodeAlways follow the thermostat manufacturer’s instructions whenever changing the thermostat. Always turn the power off at the air handler and the condenser and make sure there is no voltage at the transformer before proceeding.

  • Furthermore, the thermostat wire colors below are the most likely colors used for most installations; however, your thermostat wire colors may be different than what the indication is here. There is no official standard for thermostat wire colors. Additionally, thermostat wiring colors are not standardized. However, these are the most wiring methods used based on my years of experience in the HVAC field, where I successfully wired a lot of thermostats.
    Honeywell Thermostats Available Here

    For instructions on how to wire a thermostat, please see how to wire a thermostat page.


  • Heat Pump Frost Ice BuildUp | HVAC-Troubleshooting

    Heat Pump Frost Ice Buildup. Hi. I noticed that one of my outside heat pump condensing units was laboring throughout the night. This morning I found ice frost buildup on the heat pump condenser fins. I live in Tucson, Az. It has been colder than normal (below freezing) with a bit more moisture in the air than usual as of late. Can you please tell me what causes this frost ice buildup, and how I go about rectifying? Does this mean that the condenser pump is shot? I’m originally from the Midwest and have never experienced this before. What should I be doing? Thank you for your help. (more…)

    Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors | Motor Start Assist

    Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors - Start Capacitor with Potential Relay
    Start Capacitors for HVAC Compressors - HVAC single phase compressors always come hooked up to a run capacitor. This helps the compressor when it is running, however, very few HVAC compressors come with a start capacitor. Most HVAC technicians know HVAC compressors pull a lot of amps on startup. This large amperage draw on startup is referred to technically as locked rotor amps or inrush current. It can be as much as 40,000 watts or more of pure power to get an HVAC compressor started. (more…)