Common Air Handler Problems & Maintenance Schedules

Common Air Handler Problems - Air Handling Unit installed in a tight attic.

With proper maintenance you can avoid common air handler problems

Common Air Handler Problems . Everyone loves to be comfortable so when there is a problem with the HVAC system we can become very uncomfortable. The air handler in the HVAC system has electrical and mechanical components in it that can experience problems from time to time. Some of the most common problems with air handlers can help you identify the problem and possibly fix the issue. Although some of the issues listed will need the attention of a professional HVAC technician to make the repair to the air handler. After all, an HVAC technician will have all the tools and likely the parts available to make a fast and efficient repair. Furthermore, since every air handler is different it is possible the problems described here do not apply to your situation.

Trane Air Handler AHU Electric Duct Heater | HVAC Heating & Cooling

Trane Air Handler AHU Electric Duct Heater

Trane Air Handler AHU with Electric Duct Heater

Trane Air Handler AHU Electric Duct Heater - This Trane air handling unit photo shows a Trane AHU with electric duct heater above the Trane air handler in the supply duct. In places where natural gas is not available and propane LP gas is impractical or not wanted. Electric heat makes a good source for heating. This electric duct heater is situated in the supply side of the air handler. Furthermore, many duct heaters are installed inside the air handler. (more…)

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors | HVAC Heating & Cooling Systems

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors

An ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor in a squirrel cage blower

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors – Variable speed blower motors have become increasingly popular in residential air conditioning and heating systems and for good reason; these motors increase efficiency of the systems and offer a whole range of other benefits that help the system and the consumer. Furthermore, comfort is enhanced using ECM blower motors along with noise reduction.

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Air Handler Water Coil Freeze Stat | Freezing Protection Control

Air Handler Water Coil Freeze Stat - Freezing Protection Control
Air Handler Water Coil Freeze Stat - The HVAC Air Handler Freeze Stat is a low-temperature limit control and it is used mainly in commercial systems in the duct work on economizers or in air handlers just before any coil especially water coils. It is a safety and protection control to prevent extremely cold air from reaching the hot water or chilled water coils inside the air handler where the air enters from the economizer.

Under ideal control setup if the freeze stat trips the economizer dampers close and the blower fan stops. This prevents coils from freezing. A frozen coil can bust open and will need to be replaced if it freezes. This is the purpose of the freeze stat in HVAC air handler applications which utilize economizers for free cooling and other pruposes.

Find Tonnage on AHU | HVAC Equipment Nomenclature

Find Tonnage on AHU | HVAC Equipment Nomenclature - How do I find out the tonnage on a AHU? The label/tag has faded all I have on file is the model number and the serial number, make.

Question Posted By Francisco the Building Engineer on May 3, 2011

Refer to the manufacturers website for their HVAC nomenclature of the model number and serial numbers and how those numbers correspond to the tonnage and other technical data. Or you can call your local dealer for the manufacturer and they will tell you. (more…)

Air Handler Components 3 | HVAC Air Handling

Air Handler Components 3: Hot Water Coil Heat

Air Handler Components 3Air Handler Components 3 - Hot water coils inside of air handler units combine a boiler system or a special capacity hot water heater and forced air to provide forced-air heating. The concept is simple and used a lot in commercial and some in residential. Commercial systems almost exclusively use a boiler to provide hot water to the hot water coil inside the air handler unit while the residential systems use mainly special capacity hot water heaters to provide hot water to the hot water coil inside the air handler unit. On a call for heat a pump is energized to begin the circulation of hot water from the heating source to the coil. The air handler unit blower motor energizes and air begins to move across the coil. Heat is exchanged from the hot water coil to the air and the air is delivered to its appropriate destination through the ductwork.


Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

HVAC Air Handler Unit Construction Phase

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

Air Conditioning and Heating AHUs provide air flow throughout the duct systems providing conditioned air throughout the spaces served by the duct work. Air conditioning and heating systems rely on air handlers to move the air throughout the system. The HVAC AHU also conditions the air. The air handler heats air for heating and cools air for air conditioning. (more…)

MagicAire Air Handler with Hot Water Coil

MagicAire Air Handler with Hot Water Coil

MagicAire Air Handler with Hot Water CoilThis Magic-aire air handler serves part of a large club and uses a DX (direct expansion) coil for cooling and a hot water coil in air handler for heating. Many commercial air handlers are set up in this manner for heating and air conditioning. Hot water for the hot water coil is supplied from an oil boiler which supplies hot water to other air handling units in this building. In the center of the photo is the hot water coil and to the left the line set which feeds the DX coil can be seen. (more…)

Air Handling Unit Components 2 | HVAC Forced Air Systems

Air Handling Unit Components: Heat

There are many different types and arrangements of heating systems for air handling units and these types of heating systems and arrangements of heating systems vary from commercial to residential. Some air handling units do not have any heat source inside them at all but have remote heat for zoning. The air handling unit provides the air flow and the remote heaters provide heat for zoning. Sometimes the air handling unit is a VAV air handling unit and other times it is just to provide air for a duct heater whether the duct heater is gas fired or electric. For air handling units which some have heating systems inside the five main ways of providing heat for air handling units are:

  • Electric Heat Strips
  • Gas Heat
  • Oil Heat
  • Hot Water Coil Heat
  • Heat Pump (Process of Refrigeration Heating) (more…)