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Broan HVAC Reviews | Consumer Opinions

Broan Heat Pump Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Broan Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Broan is a major manufacturer of of home ventilation systems and offers very high efficient line heat pumps. The Ultra Efficient Broan Heat Pump and air handler has efficiency ratings up to 22 SEER and 10 HSPF efficiency...

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Broan HVAC Reviews | Consumer OpinionsBroan HVAC Reviews | Consumer Opinions - This is our listing page for all Broan brand HVAC reviews that we have done here at High Performance HVAC. Currently, we only have two reviews for the Broan HVAC brand and will produce more as our editorial schedule permits. If you have a specific request for any Broan HVAC review that we do not have here please email us using our contact form and we will strive to make the review for you. 

Broan HVAC Reviews | Consumer Opinions

Broan offers HVAC equipment along with other household and commercial products including exhaust fans and vent hoods for cooking stoves. Broan HVAC equipment is manufactured by Nordyne and marketed by the Broan dealer network. Currently, we offer two specific reviews for Broan HVAC equipment. Our listings include:

Future Broan HVAC reviews will include:

  • Gas furnace reviews
  • Package unit reviews - Broan produces several different package units that include air conditioner, heat pumps, and gas packs. Gas packs are air conditioner and gas furnace combinations all in one package. The same with heat pumps. Everything, the air handler, and condenser all in one package which makes package units ideal for specific applications.

Broan offers air conditioners with a top efficiency rating of 20 SEER which is considered pretty high for an air source air conditioner. They achieve this by using modulating compressors and precision control. The heats have an efficiency rating of 19 SEER for cooling and 10 HSPF for heating. That, also, is considered high because of the modulating compressor feature. Other air conditioners and heat pumps have varying efficiency ratings from the minimum required by DOE all the way to the efficiency ratings mentioned above.

Broan HVAC Reviews | Consumer Opinions - About Broan and History

Broan also makes range hoods and bathroom fans and has been a leader in home ventilation since before WWII.

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