Air Handler Blower Motor | HVAC Technical

Warning!! blowers can cause injury if you do not turn the power off! Additionally, blowers that are belt driven can be harmful to loose clothing and fingers. Be very cautious when working around moving parts such as blowers.

Air Handler Blower MotorAir Handler Blower Motor - All air handling units have a blower located inside the air handler cabinet. The air handler blower motor has a motor that drives it. Some air handling unit blowers are direct drive and some are belt driven. Many light commercial and residential blowers are direct drive blower motors by the motors shaft while many commercial air handling units are belt driven by the blower motor and some sheaves attached to the blower motor shaft and the shaft attached to the blower wheel. Some sheaves are adjustable and some are not. If the belt is slipping always change the belt first before adjusting the sheave. Adjusting the sheave can cause the unit to produce more or less than designed airflow. Sheaves are typically set by Testing and Balancing HVAC Technicians. (more…)

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