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Air Conditioner Components | HVAC CoolingAir Conditioner Components - There are big differences between heat pumps and air conditioners. While the air conditioner provides cooling the heat pump will provide heating and cooling so the components inside the air conditioner differ from the components inside the heat pump system.

I constantly get emails from people asking if they can convert their air conditioner to a heat pump and of course they can but it is not recommended. I have even devoted an article to it for those who are considering converting their air conditioner to a heat pump.

After all, if you sit a heat pump next to a condenser it would be impossible to tell the difference between the air conditioner condenser to the heat pump condenser unless you looked inside the unit and were able to identify the different components from a heat pump to an air conditioner.  Here are the basic components of an air conditioner that make the air conditioner cool your home or business. (more…)

Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower | HVAC Air Flow

Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower | HVAC blower motors move the air through the system. The blower motor is sized based on the amount of air flow necessary for the system. This blower motor is the supply fan for the supply air in a large commercial York AHU. An AC and heating forced air system is sized based on load. The load factors include heat loss and heat gain, number of people in the building, types of rooms served, factoring in heat produced by equipment such as computers and other heat producing equipment. (more…)

Air Handler Blower Motor | HVAC Technical

Warning!! blowers can cause injury if you do not turn the power off! Additionally, blowers that are belt-driven can be harmful to loose clothing and fingers. Be very cautious when working around moving parts such as blowers.

Air Handler Blower MotorAir Handler Blower Motor - All air handling units have a blower located inside the air handler cabinet. The air handler blower motor has a motor that drives it. Some air handling unit blowers are direct drive and some are belt driven.

Many light commercial and residential blowers are direct drive blower motors by the motor’s shaft while many commercial air handling units are belt driven by the blower motor and some sheaves attached to the blower motor shaft and the shaft attached to the blower wheel.

Some sheaves are adjustable and some are not. If the belt is slipping always change the belt first before adjusting the sheave. Adjusting the sheave can cause the unit to produce more or less than designed airflow. Sheaves are typically set by Testing and Balancing HVAC Technicians. (more…)