Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower | HVAC blower motors move the air through the system. The blower motor is sized based on the amount of air flow necessary for the system. This blower motor is the supply fan for the supply air in a large commercial York AHU. An AC and heating forced air system is sized based on load. The load factors include heat loss and heat gain, number of people in the building, types of rooms served, factoring in heat produced by equipment such as computers and other heat producing equipment.

Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower

Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower | HVAC Air Flow
The amount of conditioned air needed to satisfy the load demand is calculated for maximum air flow. Because more air flow is generally needed for cooling applications the fan, blower, and duct work are sized to allow the proper amount of flow. Other factors in sizing the HVAC blower motor are the amount of changes of air per hour as required by the mechanical code. This can add additional load to the system as outside air being added to the system is often less than ideal for use in the HVAC system and will require additional conditioning.

Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower - AC & heating blowers move the air throughout the system. The blower motor is sized to handle the load of air. Horsepower ratings are used to size the blower motors and range from fractional horsepower ratings into the hundreds depending on how big the load is. Proper air conditioning & heating preventive maintenance should be performed on the HVAC blower to maintain a good working order of the blower system. Large HVAC blower systems such as the one pictured needs to have the bearings greased and the belt changed on a regular basis.

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HVAC Air Conditioner Squirrel Cage Blower

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