Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings – I did not see any reference to my question and would appreciate a response as soon as possible, as due to medical situation, have to make a decision soon. We own an OLD house with 13′ ceilings in a large part of the home and 11″ ceilings in the LV/DR and BR. We are oscillating on where to place the ducts….Floor or ceiling. It appears to be counterproductive to me to put the duct work in the ceiling since it will have so far to go. We are looking for the most cost-effective, not upfront cost but operating cost, solution. In addition, we are considering DF heat pumps. The house will need 2 or 3 to be zoned correctly. Please let me know about the duct placement and thank you for your help? (more…)

Air Conditioning and Heating Sizing | HVAC Technical

Air Conditioning and Heating Sizing
Air Conditioning and Heating Sizing - It is not uncommon for HVAC estimators or HVAC contractors to use various rudimentary techniques which are generally referred to as rules of thumb. Some will say on the low end you need 1 ton of cooling for every 500 square feet. On the high end you will need 1 ton of cooling for every 700 square feet. These rules of thumb will also generally take into account a basic heat gain calculation for the kitchen and the number of people who will occupy the structure. (more…)

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

Energy Recovery Wheels

Enthalpy wheel in a heat recovery unit

HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat - As the cost of energy rises engineers are looking for ways to improve and increase energy efficiency. Aside from HVAC equipment with higher energy efficiency rates, improving structures for less heat loss and heat gain, and building automation systems giving the equipment precision control for better efficiency of the equipment, there are other ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings. One of the ways to increase energy efficiency inside buildings is to add energy recovery wheels to the economizer systems. A US Department of Energy study concluded energy recovery wheels can save over 15% of the energy used in commercial HVAC applications.


Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks | Leaky Duct Work

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks | Leaky Duct Work - A good consideration when replacing the air conditioning system is the duct work.

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks

Red Arrow Shows a Duct Work Leak

Duct work seems to be the most ignored part of an HVAC system. However, it is a very important consideration in this age of new technology and higher energy efficient equipment being developed and manufactured. You can have the most energy efficient engine but if its in an old 60 or 70’s model car your efficiency is going to suffer. The same is true with HVAC systems. (more…)

Air Conditioner Condensate Problems – Condensation Drain Plugged

air conditioning water damageAir Conditioner Condensate Problems - It is important for air conditioning preventive maintenance to be performed on your system to avoid problems. Condensation water leaking near the air handling unit can be avoided with proper air conditioning repair and preventive maintenance. Normally this is a very simple problem that can be fixed in less than 30 minutes. Here is a list of what can cause water around the outside of the air conditioning air handler unit.

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

HVAC Air Handler Unit Construction Phase

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

Air Conditioning and Heating AHUs provide air flow throughout the duct systems providing conditioned air throughout the spaces served by the duct work. Air conditioning and heating systems rely on air handlers to move the air throughout the system. The HVAC AHU also conditions the air. The air handler heats air for heating and cools air for air conditioning. (more…)

Air Handling Unit Components 2 | HVAC Forced Air Systems

Air Handling Unit Components: Heat

There are many different types and arrangements of heating systems for air handling units and these types of heating systems and arrangements of heating systems vary from commercial to residential. Some air handling units do not have any heat source inside them at all but have remote heat for zoning. The air handling unit provides the air flow and the remote heaters provide heat for zoning. Sometimes the air handling unit is a VAV air handling unit and other times it is just to provide air for a duct heater whether the duct heater is gas fired or electric. For air handling units which some have heating systems inside the five main ways of providing heat for air handling units are:

  • Electric Heat Strips
  • Gas Heat
  • Oil Heat
  • Hot Water Coil Heat
  • Heat Pump (Process of Refrigeration Heating) (more…)

Trane Air Handler Making Dust | HVAC Troubleshooting

Trane Air Handler Making Dust | HVAC Troubleshooting leaking duct work Trane air handler

This is a brand new installation and the duct work was leaking. Older duct work definitely leaks and can cause a dusty environment

Trane Air Handler Making Dust | HVAC Troubleshooting

I would appreciate from someone in Trane organization that would please tell me why since installment and still 5 years later my house is nothing to a dust pit. I am not exaggerating. You can wipe dust blankets DAILY off my walls, floors, furniture. I have been since installation for someone to help me. My original installer put a filtering system “like used in coal mines” - did not help. I have had independent HVAC inspectors who cannot understand nor have any reasoning for the dust. One thing was that the original TRANE installer did not put sufficient air return duct in my house.


L.E. (more…)

Magnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor

Magnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor - Magnehelic Duct Static PressureMagnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor - The magnehelic measures duct pressure inside of ductwork. It is important, for many reasons, to know the pressure inside of duct work. This magnehelic measures the supply side pressure of the blower inside the air handler. The static pressure in this system is actually controlled by a static pressure transducer which is directly hooked up to a DDC controller that controls a variable frequency drive based on static pressure. The static pressure transducer is a solid state magnehelic and works in much the same way a magnehelic works except the transducer is digital and sends out a signal that registers the pressure it is reading. The magnehelic pictured is simply for visual display and reading the static pressure inside the air handler. It does not send out any signals. (more…)

Air Handler Components

Air Handler Components. This article will take different types of air handlers and disassemble them part by part. This will give you a good description of each part and hopefully a better understanding of the air handler. Most of the components associated with the air handler are in the air handler. However, there are a few components which are not in the air handler but associated with the air handler.

There are some hot water and cold water coils which are not fixed in the air handler. They are downstream in the ductwork. There are also some gas and electric duct heaters which are mounted in the ductwork. The are completely reliant on the air handler for air flow. These systems will also be covered. Hopefully, this article will offer you a comprehensive look at the air handler, all its parts, and how it functions. (more…)

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