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Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems

Duct Work and High Ceilings | HVAC Duct Work Systems Duct Work and High Ceilings – I did not see any reference to my question and would appreciate a response as soon as possible, as due to medical situation, have to make a decision soon. We own an OLD house with 13′ ceilings in a large […]

Air Conditioning and Heating Sizing | HVAC Technical

Air Conditioning and Heating Sizing – How many tons of air conditioning and heating do I need per square foot? Rules of Thumb It is not uncommon for HVAC estimators or HVAC contractors to use various rudimentary techniques which are generally referred to as rules of thumb. Some will say on the low end you need […]

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat As the cost of energy rises engineers are looking for ways to improve and increase energy efficiency. Aside from HVAC equipment with higher energy efficiency rates, improving structures for less heat loss and heat gain, and building automation systems giving the equipment precision control for better efficiency […]

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks | HVAC Airflow

Air Conditioner Ductwork Leaks A good consideration when replacing the air conditioning system is the duct work. Duct work seems to be the most ignored part of an HVAC system but is a very important consideration in this age of new technology and higher energy efficient equipment being developed and manufactured. You can have the […]

Air Conditioner Condensate Problems – Condensation Drain Plugged

Air Conditioner Condensate Problems Labor time (approximate): 1 hour in some cases, several hours in others Air Conditioner Condensate Problems – It is important for air conditioning preventive maintenance to be performed on your system to avoid problems. Condensation water leaking near the air handling unit can be avoided with proper air conditioning repair and preventive […]

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU

Air Handler Unit Construction Phase | HVAC AHU Air Conditioning and Heating AHUs provide air flow throughout the duct systems providing conditioned air throughout the spaces served by the duct work. Air conditioning and heating systems rely on air handlers to move the air throughout the system. The HVAC AHU also conditions the air. The air handler […]

Air Handling Unit Components 2 | HVAC Forced Air Systems

Air Handling Unit Components: Heat There are many different types and arrangements of heating systems for air handling units and these types of heating systems and arrangements of heating systems vary from commercial to residential. Some air handling units do not have any heat source inside them at all but have remote heat for zoning. […]

Trane Air Handler Making Dust | HVAC Troubleshooting

Trane Air Handler Making Dust | HVAC Troubleshooting I would appreciate from some one in Trane organization that would please tell me why since installment and still 5 years later my house is nothing to a dust pit. I am not exaggerating. You can wipe dust blankets DAILY off my walls, floors, furniture. I have […]

Magnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor – Magnehelic Duct Static Pressure

The magnehelic measures duct pressure inside of ductwork. It is important, for many reasons, to know the pressure inside of ductwork. This magnehelic measures the supply side pressure of the blower inside the air handler. The static pressure in this system is actually controlled by a static pressure transducer which is directly hooked up to […]

Air Handler Components

This article will take different types of air handlers and disassemble them part by part to give you a good description of each part and hopefully a better understand of the air handler in general. Most of the components associated with the air handler are in the air handler. However, there are a few components […]

Air Handler Filter Pressure Sensor and Low Static Pressure

On the left is a pressure sensor to tell a maintenance technician if the HVAC Furnace Filters and the right control is a low static pressure switch to trip the unit if the mixing box drops below the set point pressure the switch is calibrated to. The low static pressure sensor protects the fan and […]

HVAC Duct Work – Air Handling Unit Duct – Air Handler Duct Work

HVAC Ductwork delivers the conditioned air to the spaces. The Air Handling Duct channels this conditioned air to spaces where it is needed and then a return duct channels the air back to the air handling unit duct for re-conditioning. The return ductwork has a negative pressure while the supply ductwork has a positive pressure. […]

HVAC Duct Systems – Round Hard Duct Work

Ductwork systems channel the air to the spaces where it is needed from the air handler. HVAC duct systems also pulls the air from the space and channels it back to the air handler where it needs to be conditioned. In some commercial applications the area above the ceiling is considered the return duct. All […]

Air Handler Smoke Detectors and the NFPA

Installing duct smoke detectors or smoke detectors in air handlers are not ideal for protection of life and property in the event of a fire or smoke condition. The NFPA and mechanical codes cover smoke detectors. It is preferred that the occupied and non-occupied areas and spaces have smoke detectors simply because the fans in […]

Duct Work | Heating and Cooling Mechanical

Most air conditioning and heating systems require some form of duct work to channel or direct the air to places in the dwelling where the conditioned air is needed. There are many types of ductwork available and often times the ductwork can make a big difference in your utility bills. For that reason, it is […]

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