Water Tower Pumps and Controls | Pumping Systems

Water Tower Pumps and ControlsWater Tower Pumps and Controls | Pumping Systems

Water Tower Pumps and Controls | Pumping Systems - Water towers maintain a ready limited supply of water for communities in the event the water main goes down. Many towers are used for emergency situations for the fire department to have water for fighting fires and for water fire suppression systems to have a supply of water for the emergency if it should arise. (more…)

HVAC Reznor Heating System | LP Gas Unit Heater

HVAC Reznor Heating System - LP Gas Unit Heater

HVAC Reznor Heating System | LP Gas Unit Heater

HVAC Reznor Heating System LP Propane Gas Unit Heater – this Reznor unit heater provides heating for warehouses, garages, and other open spaces which can be heated with unit heaters. Unit heaters are ideal for big open areas which need heating without duct work being used to channel the air into the space. Sometimes these unit heaters are also used in mechanical rooms for protection of the other HVAC equipment and piping to prevent freezing conditions inside the mechanical rooms. The unit heater can be quickly installed and put into service in only a few hours once electrical service and gas service is provided in the location where the unit heater will be located. This unit heater is located in a remote camp site where electricity is available but natural gas was not available. LP or Liquefied Propane is trucked in to fill large LP Propane tanks located near the buildings which use these unit heaters to produce heat. A propane piping system and a series of propane gas regulators were installed and these unit heaters utilize the propane in the tanks being fed by this piping system. The regulators reduce the pressure from the tank to a usable pressure for the unit heater. (more…)

Day Tank for a Diesel Generator | Critical Facilities

Day Tank for a Diesel GeneratorDay Tank for a Diesel Generator | Critical Facilities

This is a photo of a generator day tank for a diesel generator. The tank has floats inside that keep the fuel level automatically topped off in the tank so when the generator starts there is a fuel supply ready to go. As the generator consumes fuel the pump activates and resupplies the tank to keep the generator fueled and running. A pump will pump the fuel from the main storage tank to supply the day tank so the generator will have a days (give or take depending on the size of the generator and the load on the generator) amount of fuel to run under normal load. The controls for the day tank are more complex than other tanks which supply fuel for generators. An automatic day tank has alarms for the fuel level – alarms for both too low and too full alarms – and manual tests procedures for testing the pumps and fuel level floats. (more…)

Water Heater Selection Considerations | HVAC and Plumbing

Water Heater Selection Considerations | The Decision to Buy a Water Heater

Whether you are building a new house or getting ready to replace the old water heater in a home improvement project there are things to consider before making the decision which water heater to get to replace the old one or a new water heater for your new home. You want the best system for the money but you don’t want high utility bills to get the best system. When you go shopping for water heaters you want to make an informed decision which means you want to educate yourself about what water heaters are available and all the details about selecting a new water heater for your comfort and your utility bill at the end of the month without paying an arm and a leg to get this new water heating system. After all, you need to know whether you need a sport economy car or a tractor trailer. You don’t want to buy luxury when you don’t need luxury but rather a mid-range more economical water heater. Here are the things you need to know about the selection process.

First, what kind of fuel is available to use for the new water heater. (more…)

Water Heater Maintenance Extending the Life a Water Heater

Water Heater Maintenance: Solving Problems and Extending the Life a Water Heater

Water Heater Maintenance

There are tons of reviews for water heaters and many that mention the water heater only lasted a few years or the water heater has rusted or corroded and the reviewer states the water heater is a piece of junk. I would contend that if some people would perform annual maintenance these water heaters would last many more years. Maintenance is very easy to perform and for those who are not the do-it-yourself types you can call your local plumbing service provider to take care of the maintenance for you. (more…)

Chilled Water Storage Tank | Critical Facilities

Chilled Water Storage TankChilled Water Storage Tank | Critical Facilities

Data centers use redundant systems for back-ups in case of an emergency. An HVAC chilled water storage tank adds an extra layer of redundancy to the process so if the chilled water plants crash the chilled water storage tank or tanks will provide a small cushion of time to allow the operating engineers time to straighten things out or in a worse case scenario allow time for the servers in the data center to be transferred to another data center and shut down. (more…)

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