State Water Heater Reviews – State Industries manufacturers conventional hot water heaters for residential and commercial applications that either electric, gas or oil fired water heaters, tankless water heaters, storage tanks (indirect fired), expansion tanks and hot water heating accessories. Selected water heaters comply with Energy Star efficiency ratings and selected models qualify for LEED points for Green Building projects. Various features of selected models include:

State Water Heater Reviews | Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • State Water Heater Reviews | Consumer RatingsSelf-cleaning models for selected gas fired models
  • 2″ thick foam to reduce heat loss for selected models
  • Built in heat traps for selected models
  • Low NOx on selected models
  • Glass-lined tanks with two anode rods on select models
  • Complies with UL codes
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure valves on all models
  • Gas fired power vent models available on select units
  • Models available specifically for manufactured housing

State Water Heater Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Efficiency

When you buy a water heater efficiency is important. You want to look at efficiency of the water heater including the amount of insulation the water heater has to reduce heat loss even in the off cycle. An automatic vent damper, for gas or oil water heaters, also helps to save energy buy closing the vent in the off cycle. The prevents heat from escaping when the water heater is turned off. For electric, oil or gas you want heat traps installed on the water lines so it prevents hot water from migrating causing the water heater to cycle unnecessarily.  All these things add up to saving for you in the future for energy costs.

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State Water Heaters is based out of Ashland, TN with a total of 7 manufacturing plants and hundreds of distribution facilities nationally. State manufacturers more than 500 water heater products using new technologies to ensure you get the latest innovations for longer better efficiency in durable products.

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