HVAC Reznor Heating System - LP Gas Unit HeaterHVAC Reznor Heating System – this Reznor unit heater provides heating for warehouses, garages, and other open spaces which can be heated with unit heaters. Unit heaters are ideal for big open areas which need heating without ductwork being used to channel the air into the open space.

HVAC Reznor Heating System | LP Gas Unit Heater

Sometimes these unit heaters are also used in mechanical rooms for protection of the other HVAC equipment and piping to prevent freezing conditions inside the mechanical rooms. The unit heater can be quickly installed and put into service in only a few hours once electrical service and gas service is provided in the location where the unit heater will be located. These unit heaters provided comfort for a camp facility in the wintertime. They also offer basic protection for the building infrastructure (such as water pipes) when the builds are unoccupied.

These unit heaters are located in a remote campsite where electricity is available but natural gas was not available. LP or Liquefied Propane is trucked in to fill large LP Propane tanks located near the buildings which use these unit heaters to produce heat. A propane piping system and a series of propane gas regulators were installed and these unit heaters utilize the propane in the tanks being fed by this piping system. The regulators reduce the pressure from the tank to usable pressure for the unit heater.

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Typically, for large institutional types of buildings where heating is needed in the winter for comfort and for protecting building infrastructure LP gas heating systems are ideal. Thermostats are set for minimum temperature (usually 55° F) so the system will only cycle to maintain that temperature unless it is occupied and the occupants change the temperature for comfort.

LP systems require a special evaporator to change the liquid into a gas before it is piped to the heaters. The LP liquid storage tanks are piped to the evaporator and the evaporator changes the liquid to a gas and is then piped throughout the facility to provide heat through the unit heaters. Some of the kitchen appliances as well as water heaters use propane also for domestic use and cooking.

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HVAC Reznor Heating System – LP Gas Unit Heater