Minisplit Ductless Heat Pumps Air Conditioners

Minisplit Ductless Heat Pumps Air Conditioners
Minisplit Ductless Heat Pumps Air Conditioners - There are many people who can actually save money by installing a minisplit ductless air conditioner or heat pump over installing the conventional ducted split system air conditioner or heat pump. A few of the possible areas where some can use a minisplit ductless heat pump or air conditioner are rooms over the garage where additional heating and cooling is necessary simply because rooms over garages suffer because garages in most homes are not as insulated as is other parts of the home. This usually creates problems with many of the newer homes because I have seen builders who need a lesson in load calculation and properly sizing the air conditioning or heat pump systems for the conditions. (more…)

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems

Trane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning SystemsTrane Chilled Water Systems – Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Systems - This Trane HVAC chiller serves four different apartments. Chilled water systems offer a great way for multi-zone air conditioning. From small apartment buildings to large commercial buildings chilled water systems can serve multi-zone air conditioning systems. From one air conditioning zone to hundred the only limitation is the size of the chiller. If the air conditioning zoning system (the load) is matched up with the right sized chiller (in tons) the system will serve all air conditioning zones and keep all the occupants comfortably cool. Chilled water systems can also be integrated with the boiler system so that the same system can be used for heating and cooling. A good control system will add efficiency and more comfort to the system. (more…)

Air Conditioner Compressor Troubleshooting | Diagnosis & Repair

What you will learn in Air Conditioner Compressor Troubleshooting article:

  1. the difficulties in troubleshooting a hermetically sealed compressor
  2. the differences in various compressor manufacturers and HVAC manufacturers
  3. the commonality of single phase compressors
  4. the basics of troubleshooting an air conditioner or heat pump compressor
  5. Compressor capacitors and compressor mechanics
  6. basic tips for compressor repair
  7. lots of resource and related links that allows you to go in depth and learn about HVAC compressors

The average compressor in many residential condensing units are hermetically sealed compressors. The only visible working parts on the compressor are the electrical connections and the copper discharge and suction lines. (more…)

Variable Speed GE ECM Motors | HVAC Control

Variable Speed GE ECM Motors - When you look at buying a new HVAC system it will surely arise when the HVAC salesman or HVAC contractor who comes to give you an estimate will show an HVAC system that has a variable speed motor or the GE ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) installed in it. These are systems that have a higher efficiency rating than the HVAC equipment that has the typical electric blower or condenser fan motor. (more…)

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