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Commercial Boiler Stack Economizer
Commercial Boiler Stack Economizer - This is not a normal commercial boiler stack in this boiler room. It has a bypass stack for a commercial hot water economizer. All boilers have make-up water to make up for water lost in the systems especially for domestic hot water use. An economizer makes things more efficient. In this regard, the economizer utilizes the waste heat. Waste heat that is normally vented into the atmosphere. This system was specially engineered and tested to ensure proper operation of design.  (more…)

Gas Furnace Maintenance Agreements

Gas Furnace Maintenance Agreements - Gas Furnace Checklist and Tips for Periodic UpkeepGas Furnace Maintenance Agreements - In the commercial environment maintenance is a never ending cycle from winter to summer. In contrast, in the residential environment sometimes maintenance is neglected. Neglected until there is a problem with either the heating or cooling system. Why wait for something to happen when there some simple things you can do to make sure your heating and cooling run at optimum levels.

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Proper HVAC Fan Maintenance and Control can save Energy Dollars

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings - According to the Department of Energy fans consume nearly 80 billion kilowatts of energy per year. Optimizing how fans work functionally in mechanical applications can reduce energy use and save energy dollars for end users. Assuming the design engineer selected the proper fan and proper installation in well designed system what can a facility manager do to save energy dollars and increase performance by looking at the fan systems in their building(s)? To make a good evaluation you need to look at several different factors in fan operation.

  • Fan Control
  • Fan Performance
  • Installation
  • Ductwork
  • Fan Maintenance


York Variable Frequency Drives VFDs | HVAC Control

York Variable Frequency Drives VFDs

York Variable Frequency Drives VFDs | HVAC Control

York Variable Frequency Drives VFDs | HVAC Control - Variable Frequency Drives or VFD’s have added a whole new dimension to energy efficiency and control. These drives, or VFD’s, are hooked up to two different York VAV air handlers that have two three phase motors a piece. Each air handler has a return fan and a supply fan. Two-thirds downstream from the supply fan motor is a static pressure sensor (Pressure Transducer). This is connected back to a DDC controller which will regulate the speed of the fans based on the static pressure set point. Variable frequency drives, or VFD’s, allow the system to use only the amount of air that is needed for the VAV boxes. If demand for air flow is high the drives, VFD’s, ramp up and deliver more air. If the demand for air flow is low the drives, VFD’s, slow down so less air is delivered. This allows the system to use less energy and maintain comfort levels based on temperature set points.