Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings

Proper HVAC Fan Maintenance and Control can save Energy Dollars

Fan Maintenance Energy Savings - According to the Department of Energy fans consume nearly 80 billion kilowatts of energy per year. Optimizing how fans work functionally in mechanical applications can reduce energy use and save energy dollars for end users. Assuming the design engineer selected the proper fan and proper installation in well designed system what can a facility manager do to save energy dollars and increase performance by looking at the fan systems in their building(s)? To make a good evaluation you need to look at several different factors in fan operation.

  • Fan Control
  • Fan Performance
  • Installation
  • Ductwork
  • Fan Maintenance


Inside Air Handling Unit Blower Compartment

Inside Air Handling Unit Blower CompartmentThis photo shows the air handler blower compartment. This is how the air handler is opened when the blower needs service or repair. The evaporator coil is on top of the blower which makes this an up-flow air handling unit. The supply air duct work will be above the AHU. Since this air handler is installed in a closet then the duct work is installed in the ceiling and makes this an ideal installation for AC┬ásince cool air falls. (more…)