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What you will learn from What is a Metering Device:

  1. We will answer the question, “What is a metering device”. We will define the various types of metering devices and how they work.
  2. How the metering device is involved in the refrigeration cycle
  3. A comprehensive list of metering devices defining the metering devices commonly used in HVAC
  4. Lots of resource and related links to help you learn more about metering devices.


TXV or Thermostatic Expansion Valve | Refrigeration for HVAC

TXV or Thermostatic Expansion Valve are used in air conditioners and heat pumps to meter refrigerant.

TXV or Thermostatic Expansion Valve

The TXV or Thermostatic Expansion Valve is preferred over other refrigeration metering devices because it only allows a specified amount of refrigerant to flow based on demand. Any type of refrigeration metering device creates a pressure drop in the refrigerant and with a pressure drop of the refrigerant a temperature drop also occurs.

This temperature is necessary to drop the refrigerant down to temperature lower than ambient temperatures inside the structure being cooled. This allows the refrigerant to absorb the heat contained in the air passing over the evaporator coil. (more…)

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