Rheem Water Heater ReviewsRheem Water Heater Reviews - Rheem offers hot water heaters that are gas-fired, electric, tankless hot water heaters, indirect water heaters, and solar water heaters in various capacities for residential and commercial hot water heating application. Some of their hot water heaters qualify for tax incentive programs for energy-efficient water heaters. Various features of selected Rheem hot water heaters are:

Rheem Water Heater Reviews | Select Features

  • maintenance-free with no filter to clean on selected hot water heaters
  • Easy to light pilot light with a piezo lighter for lighting the pilot light on selected hot water heaters
  • Brass drain valve on selected hot water heaters
  • Magnesium anode rod protects the tank from rust for selected hot water heaters
  • Temperature and pressure valve included with hot water heaters
  • Self-cleaning tank on selected hot water heaters
  • Low NOx on selected hot water heaters
  • Possibility to use for heating with a hot water heating coil in the air handler

Rheem Water Heater Reviews - Water Heater Types Offered by Rheem

Rheem offers a whole line of water heaters of various types, sizes, and efficiency ratings. Always compare and check efficiency ratings when making the decision to purchase a new water heater. Also, is your old water heater keeping up with demand at peak hours? If not, you need to upsize to bigger water or heater or one with a better capacity to keep up with demand at peak hours. Here is a list of the types of water heaters Rheem offers (includes storage tanks and indirect-fired water heaters):

  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas-Fired water heaters
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Tankless water heaters of various capacities
  • Both storage tanks and indirect-fired water heaters tanks

For capacity and sizing requirements always consult your plumber or HVAC contractor.

Rheem Water Heater Reviews - History

Rheem Manufacturing Company was established in the 1920s by Richard and Donald Rheem when the two brothers bought a galvanizing plant in San Francisco, CA. In the ’40s and ’50s, they expanded their core product line of water heaters to include air conditioning and heating equipment. They have expanded and are now a global company with offices in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and South America.

You can browse new water heaters and water heater prices here.

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Rheem Water Heater Reviews