American Water Heater ReviewsAmerican Water Heater Reviews - American Water Heaters manufacturers gas and electric hot water heaters for the residential and commercial markets. Capacities for American hot water heater residential models offer sizes for the largest families and low boy models for tight installations where space for water heater installation is a premium. Commercial American water heaters come in capacities up to 119 gallons and American water heaters can be paired with storage tanks for extra capacity. Various features of selected American hot water heaters include:

American Water Heater Reviews - Features

  • Piezoelectric igniter making it easy to light the standing pilot light for selected American hot water heaters
  • Selected American hot water heaters vapor ignition vapor ignition tested in accordance with new codes
  • Extra heavy duty anode rod for corrosion prevention in selected American hot water heaters
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure valve on American hot water heaters
  • Corrosion free drain valve on selected American hot water heaters
  • Foam insulation for reducing heat loss in selected American hot water heaters
  • 12-year parts and tank warranties on selected American hot water heaters

Types of Water Heaters Offered

American offers several different types of water heaters in various capacities and sizes for both commercial and residential uses. Types of water heaters offered by American include:

  • Gas water heaters for both natural gas and propane. This includes condensing and non-condensing gas water heaters with the condensing gas water heaters being more efficient.
  • Electric water heaters include standard electric water heaters with heating elements and hybrid heat pump water heaters.
  • Tankless water heaters for both propane and natural gas.

American Water Heater Reviews - About American

American Water Heaters is based out of Johnson City, TN and manufactures commercial and residential hot water heaters in a state of the art modern facility.
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American Water Heater Reviews