Hot Water HeatersHot Water Heaters - Domestic hot water heaters make our lives much more comfortable than ever before. Hot water heaters give us hot water for washing our hands, showering, washing dishes, and other uses that would otherwise be uncomfortable without a hot water heater.

When considering hot water heaters beyond the cost of the water things to consider are the size of the hot water heater and the type of fuel it will use to heat the water.

Hot Water Heaters

Efficiency plays a key role in the decision also and while the more efficient models are more costly to purchase paying the higher cost now will save a lot of money down the road in energy savings. Additionally, with all the tax incentives and utility incentives buying the more efficient model may cost less than the less efficient water heaters. Before looking for a water heater it might be a good idea to check with your local utilities to find out what kind of incentives are available for buying higher efficient water heaters.

After checking with the local utilities then you can go out looking for the best water heater to suit you and the purpose you need the water heater for. Tankless water heaters can also be a consideration although these should be sized by a professional so you don’t get too small of a tankless water heater (not enough hot water) or too large of a tankless water heater (inefficient).

Improving Water Heater Efficiency

water heater considerationsAdditionally, purchasing an insulation blanket to wrap around your water heater will add more efficiency to your water heater. Remember it is important to purchase the right insulation wrap for your water heater as each different type of water heater requires a different type of insulation wrap.

Gas water heaters will normally require different insulation wraps than electric water heaters. A timer can also be purchased for electric hot water heaters that will kill power to the water heater in times when it is not needed or expected to be used.

Maintenance considers are also good to check into before buying a water heater. Is the maintenance easy or difficult requiring a plumber or technician to perform the maintenance? If you have a lot of minerals in your water a good maintenance schedule will be extra important to follow.

Additionally, if you have had issues with tanks rusting or corroding you may want to consider a stone-lined tank. These are definitely more expensive but it will be cheaper to purchase a stone-lined water heater once over 20 years than to replace conventional water heaters several times in that same time period.

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Hot Water Heaters