Vaughn Water Heater Reviews - Vaughn Manufacturing Corporation produces water heaters for commercial and residential applications. They produce electric water heaters, indirect water heaters, storage tanks, solar heaters, and range boilers. Various features of selected Vaughn products are:

Vaughn Water Heater Reviews | Select Features

  • Seamless lining in the tank for maximum effect of preventing tank failure in selected systems
  • R-16 insulation value in selected products to prevent heat loss
  • Removable heat exchanger for easier service in selected products
  • Vaughn products use bronze fittings at all tank openings
  • Seamless half-inch thick stone lining protects the tank from poor water conditions that result in tank failure in selected products
  • Built-in heat traps in selected products

Vaughn Water Heater Reviews - Heater and Tank Types Available

Vaughn Water Heater Reviews
Vaughn has a full range of water heaters and storage tanks available for both commercial uses and residential uses. A listing of the basic lineup for Vaughn waters heaters and storage tanks include:

  • Electric water heaters with heavy-duty elements. 3-inch foam insulation for added efficiency.
  • Indirect water heaters for those with boiler systems.
  • Range boilers for use with solar and wood stoves.
  • Solar-specific water storage tanks
  • Geothermal storage tanks
  • Buffer tanks with optional heat exchanger
  • Heat pump water heaters with electronic controls for high efficiency
  • Condensing and non-condensing gas water heaters. Condensing gas water heaters are typically more efficient than the standard non-condensing water heaters.
  • All water heaters and storage tanks listed are available for both commercial and residential water heating applications.

Additionally, for added efficiency Vaughn offers a line of electronic controllers for use in water heating applications. Controllers include timers and energy controllers, temperature controllers, and grid-interactive controls.

Vaughn Water Heater Reviews | Consumer Opinion

Vaughn Manufacturing Corporation is based out of Salisbury, MA, and is a family-run company dedicated to producing quality water heating and plumbing products.

More about Vaughn can be at their website.

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Vaughn Water Heater Reviews

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