Reliance Water Heater ReviewsReliance Water Heater Reviews - Reliance Water Heaters produces gas and electric hot water heaters for residential and light commercial hot water heating applications. Selected Reliance hot water heaters are glass-lined and/or galvanized tanks. Various features of selected Reliance hot water heaters are:

Reliance Water Heater Reviews

  • Selected Reliance hot water heaters are self-cleaning and come with excellent warranties
  • Selected gas-fired Reliance hot water heaters use technology to prevent accidental ignition of flammable vapors for those water heaters that are stored in garages and closets where flammable materials may be stored near the water heater
  • Heating elements in selected electric Reliance hot water heaters are designed to reduce lime build-up on the element surface
  • Selected Reliance hot water heaters are available in low-boy models for hot water heater installation in tight spaces.
  • Optional conversion from natural gas to propane.

Reliance Water Heater Reviews - Capacity at Peak Demand

Reliance produces several different types of water heaters in various capacities.  When purchasing a new water heater always keep in mind the demand at peak hours.

If your old water heater doesn’t keep up with demand and you are always waiting for hot water then you may want your plumber or HVAC professional to do a sizing calculation to increase the capacity of the current/old water heater so you will not have to worry about running out of hot water at peak usage.

The calculation can easily be done by the plumbing or HVAC professional based on various factors such as the number of people in the household and sometimes even the age of the people in the household. Typically teenagers use a lot of hot water. However, there are other factors involved in the calculation of capacity at peak demand.

Reliance Water Heater Reviews - Types of Water Heaters Offered by Reliance

Reliance Water Heater Reviews - History

Reliance Water Heaters is based out of Ashland, TN, and Reliance Water Heaters manufactures hot water heaters for residential and light commercial applications.

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Reliance Water Heater Reviews