GE Hybrid Water Heater ReviewsGE Hybrid Water Heater Reviews - General Electric has discontinued almost their entire line of water heaters except for their hybrid heat pump water heater. General Electric calls it the Geospring Hybrid Electric Water Heater and uses either electric heating elements and/or a built-in heat pump to produce hot water.

Depending on the mode it is set for will depend on whether it uses the heat pump or the electric heating elements to make the hot water with the heat pump mode being the most efficient using less energy than the heating elements. For extra capacity during peak demands, it can be set to use both to keep up with demand. Some features of the GE Geospring water heater include:

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As an owner of one of these water heaters, I have to say it hasn’t let me down since I installed mine over 7 years ago.  Of course, I do regular water heater maintenance and make sure the little filter is clean. It is installed in the basement and the noise level is minimal when it is running. We cannot hear it upstairs unless we leave the basement door open and the noise you do hear is very minimal.

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General Electric makes available the General Electric Hybrid Water Heater. The General Electric Hybrid water heater can be installed almost anywhere any other type of water heater is installed with only one thing to consider when installing. Make sure noise doesn’t bother you or give it a few months to grow on you for the noise issue. Or the alternative is to use this water heater only in electric heat mode but this negates any efficiency you will get from the hybrid mode or full heat pump mode.

There three different settings you can use for the settings of this water heater. Full heat pump mode is the most efficient but takes the longest recovery time. The hybrid mode will utilize the heat pump and electric heat strips and then the straight electric heat mode which is the least efficient but the quickest at recovery time. I installed this water in my home in April and heard the noise this water heater made when it was on and heating in the heat pump mode. A few months later and I do not even notice this water heater noise any longer.

I have adjusted the water heater to the hybrid mode simply because it was not recovering fast enough from my family and myself using it. Now it recovers quickly allowing the almost continual use of the shower with hot water.

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