AO Smith Water Heater ReviewsAO Smith Water Heater Reviews - AO Smith manufacturers hot water heaters for residential and commercial use including manufacturing commercial boilers. AO Smith offers commercial hot water heaters that use oil, gas, or electric to heat the water and AO Smith residential water heaters use gas or electric to heat the water in the AO Smith hot water heater line up. Some AO Smith hot water heaters qualify for the Energy Star efficiency ratings and qualify for tax credits. Capacities for AO Smith water heaters range from 2.5 gallons for point of use specialty water heaters to 120 gallons for storage tank water heaters. Some features for selected AO Smith hot water heaters are:

AO Smith Water Heater Reviews | Select Features

  • patented gas burners that reduce NOx emissions by 33%
  • Aluminum anode rod with a stainless steel core that protects selected AO Smith water heater tanks against corrosion for longer periods than other water heater anode rods
  • Piezo lighter for quick lighting if the standing pilot light for selected AO Smith water heaters
  • 2″ thick foam insulation and external heat traps which produce higher efficiency for selected AO Smith water heaters
  • Glass coating that protects the steel tank from rust and corrosion on selected AO Smith hot water heaters
  • AO Smith water heaters comply with all applicable codes for safety

AO Smith Water Heater Reviews - Types of Water Heaters Offered by AO Smith

The basic line-up of AO Smith water heaters include:

  • Gas water heaters for both propane and natural gas
  • Electric waters heaters
  • Hybrid water heaters - heat pump water heater with electric heat elements for back-up
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Solar water heaters
  • Indirect hot water storage tanks
  • Lots of accessories for hot water heating

AO Smith Water Heater Reviews - History

AO Smith began producing residential hot water heaters in 1939 and shipped the first AO Smith commercial hot water heater in 1953. AO Smith has locations nationwide and mainly manufactures water heaters. AO Smith also manufactures electric motors specific for HVAC systems. AO Smith is headquartered in Ashland City, TN which is home to the worlds largest water heater factory.

AO Smith water heaters can be purchased here - for the DIYer.

Water Heater Reviews | Consumer Ratings

AO Smith Water Heater Reviews

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