Kenmore Water Heater ReviewsKenmore Water Heater Reviews – Kenmore offers hot water heaters in gas or electric hot water heater models for commercial and residential applications. Capacities for Kenmore hot water heaters vary but are available in most sizes to fit with the residential or commercial hot water heating markets. Various features of selected Kenmore hot water heaters are:

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  • Foam insulation with high R values for less heat loss in off cycles for selected Kenmore hot water heaters
  • Glass-lined tanks to prevent corrosion of Kenmore hot water heaters
  • Factory-installed temperature and pressure valve on Kenmore hot water heaters
  • Selected Kenmore hot water heaters are compliant with California energy codes
  • Anode rods for corrosion protection for Kenmore water heaters
  • Available in lowboy or tabletop models to fit in small storage spaces
  • Tabletop and lowboy models are electric-powered and typically not available in gas models

Kenmore Water Heater Reviews - Water Heater Types Offered

Among the other products produced by Kenmore they offer water heaters in various sizes, capacities, and with various warranties to fit the appliance and suit the homeowner. Most warranties for the Kenmore water heaters range from 3 years to 12 years although I am certain extended warranties are available. Kenmore maintains a simple list of basic water heaters

  • Gas-fired water heaters for domestic hot water and heating
  • Electric water heaters available in both standard tank type, lowboy, and tabletop

Always make sure to do a calculation for capacity so you do not run out of hot water at peak demand. These calculations can easily be done by your plumber or HVAC professional. If your old water heater didn’t satisfy demand and you found yourself waiting around for the water heater to make more hot water, then you need to have a load calculation done and possibly upsize the new water heater with greater capacity or one that is more efficient.

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Kenmore is a brand name owned by Sears Holding Corporation.

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Kenmore Water Heater Reviews