HVAC Tax Rebates and Credits | Buyers Advice - Tax Rebates and Credits for HVAC can encompass several different ways to receive credit, an increased refund, or another way of getting money for upgrades you make to the HVAC equipment you have in your home or business. There is a comprehensive source for finding these tax rebates and tax credits from both government agencies and from utilities.

Tax rebates and credits are applicable to not only upgrades in the efficiency levels of HVAC equipment but also upgrades in windows and insulation. Any type of upgrade that will reduce energy use can be eligible for a tax credit or tax rebate or a reduction in the amount you pay for utilities. Click the image below to go to the database of tax rebates for all states in the USA.

HVAC Tax Rebates and Credits

HVAC Tax Rebates and Credits | Buyers Advice

The DSIR site is a database of local, state, and federal rebates and tax credits you can take advantage of for making upgrades and for buying higher efficiency equipment that will use less energy than buying lower efficiency models. Many Federal rebates went away last year when the energy incentives tax credits expired and were not renewed by Congress.

Either way, if you can find a program and meet the qualifications you can recover some of the money spent on an upgrade. What’s better is upgrading to higher efficiency equipment. You get more efficient equipment that will cost you less to run which means a lower utility bill saving you money.

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HVAC Tax Rebates and Credits | Buyers Advice