How Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Indoor Air Quality - The electronic air cleaner cleans the air electronically. Most electronic air cleaners have two ways of filtering the air. In addition to cleaning the air electronically, electronic air cleaners have metal mesh pre-filters. These prefilters catch large particles that the electronic portion of the cleaner would not be able to filter effectively. It is necessary to ensure these prefilters are cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule along with the electronic cells inside the electronic air cleaner.

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work – Electronic Air Cleaner Care and Maintenance

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work
Most electronic air cleaner manufacturers recommend a bi-annual cleaning of the prefilters and electronic cells. This maintenance and cleaning schedule frequency should be tailored according to the air quality inside the dwelling. It is important to remember that many of the electronic cells are very fragile and to be handled with care. It should be noted that tiny ionizing wires on the electronic air cleaner electronic cells can be easily broken. If these ionizing wires are broken they should be replaced. It is recommended that a qualified HVAC Technician perform the regular scheduled maintenance so that care is taken to perform the maintenance in a proper manner. Electronic air cleaners which are not properly cared for or maintained will not provide effective air cleaning as designed so it is important not to ignore maintaining electronic air cleaners otherwise they will not be effective for indoor air quality standards.

How Electronic Air Cleaners Work | Cleaning and Effectiveness

The electronic air cleaner is installed in the return air duct work. It is upstream of the cooling coil and the air handler in the air stream. As air is pulled through the return duct (usually at a central point where the regular filter is located) it moves through the return duct towards the cooling coil and air handler. This air contains dust particles and volatile organic compounds. Particles too small to be caught up in regular filter and the electronic air cleaners pre-filter are pulled into electronic air cleaner where they pass across ionizing wires. Depending on the model and manufacturer depends on if the ionizing wires have a negative charge or a positive charge. After the ionizing wires are collector plates with an opposite electrical charge as the ionizing wires. The particles are given an opposite charge as the collector plates which cause the particles to be automatically attracted to the opposite charged collector plates. Some manufacturers claim that their electronic air cleaners filter particles down to one micron. This may well be true with a freshly maintained electronic air cleaner but studies have shown that the dirtier the collector plates become the less effective they are at collecting small particles. It is thereby important to properly maintain your electronic air cleaner on a regular maintenance schedule so that it filter the air effectively.

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How Electronic Air Cleaners Work

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