Coleman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsColeman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Coleman HVAC offers a line of package units at various efficiency levels. Specifically, the types of package units offered their best ratings for efficiency come in at 16 SEER for air conditioning, 8 HSPF for their heat pump package unit, and for the gas furnace portion 81% AFUE.

Comparing Coleman to other brands, the efficiency ratings are the highest in the industry, however, Coleman does make good products so I would not rule them out when considering the purchase of a package unit unless your only consideration is high efficiency. Really, the only efficiency rating that I think is low based on what other manufacturers offer is the AFUE rating which is close to the minimum as required by the DOE.

Coleman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Coleman Package Unit Top SEER Rating


Coleman Package Unit Top AFUE Rating

Coleman package units come in a variety of configurations to give you options when selecting a new package unit. They have air conditioners with gas furnace combinations, heat pumps with gas furnace combinations, or simply just a heat pump configuration that utilizes electric heat strips for backup heating. The heat pump with a gas furnace is known as a dual fuel heat pump or as some others call it a hybrid heat pump.

Gas is deemed better for the backup heating portion of the heat pump simply because it costs less to produce heat with a gas furnace than it does with electric heat strips. So there is value in paying a little more for that versus the standard heat pump with electric heat strips.

Normally, heat pumps provide heat using the refrigeration cycle. However, there are times when a backup source of heat is needed e.g. when the heat pump goes into defrost mode or when the temperatures outdoors are extremely cold. See this article for how heat pumps work.

Features and Components | Coleman Package Unit Reviews

Some features and components of select Coleman package units include:

  • High-pressure refrigeration pressure switch protects the system from excessive pressures caused by a high head pressure condition. The switch can be rest to return the system to operation however the pressure problem needs to be corrected before resetting the switch. Sometimes this necessitates a call for service. Either way, it is a level of protection that prevents larger problems or failures. This feature/component can be found in package unit air conditioners and heat pumps. Coleman also lists a loss of charge switch which refers to a low-pressure switch. This happens when the refrigerant pressure drops too low usually because of a refrigerant leak.
  • Engineered for quiet operation to give you peace from load systems (unless your neighbor has a loud system).
  • An ECM Indoor fan motor gives you variable speed for better dehumidification in the summer and more efficiency all year. Also, variable-speed ECM motors are more efficient than conventional PSC electric motors. A bonus is they also offer soft-start capabilities on startup.
  • Easily accessible control board that has diagnostic features to aid in troubleshooting the heat pump or the air conditioner if problems develop.
  • All refrigeration systems utilize R-410A.
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) is used for the refrigeration metering device. This is more efficient than alternative metering devices such as capillary tubes or pistons.
  • For the gas packs, Coleman offers direct spark ignition control which lights the main burners with no pilot light. Less components means less possibility of component failure.

Coleman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Just a little FYI for those who don’t know. A package unit is exactly what the name implies. It is a heating and cooling system all in one package. This is compared to a central heating and cooling system that is referred to as a split system. A package unit is a central heating and cooling system that is ideal for certain installations over installing a split system.

Typically, package units are used when the rooms indoors are limited or there is no place to install an air handler. A package unit hooks up to ductwork as does a split system except with the package unit the air conditioning and the heating are all encased in one cabinet. This includes a package unit heat pump and gas packs. Gas packs are air conditioner gas furnace combos.

Warranties – Coleman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Coleman’s warranties vary depending on the type of package unit you purchase. We advise you to read and understand any warranty before purchase. Coleman has a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers and 10-years on the parts provided you follow all the requirements otherwise the warranty reverts to something less than the lifetime or 10-years parts. Most manufacturers require you to register within a specific time frame after installation so make sure you follow that requirement when installation is complete. Some HVAC contractors will assist you in this process while others let you do it all for yourself. To ensure the system is registered I would do it myself so there are no mistakes.

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Coleman Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings