Ducane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsDucane Package Unit Reviews - Ducane package units can be purchased as heat pump package units, gas furnace with air conditioning, air conditioning with electric heat and heat pumps with gas heating for the back-up heat. Ducane is produced primarily for residential and light commercial applications.

Ducane package units come in sizes ranging from 2 to 5 tons for residential and light commercial use and a standard efficiency range of 14 SEER and 81 AFUE for the average Ducane package unit.

Ducane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Features of selected Ducane package units include:

  • Ducane package units utilize R410A
  • Insulated cabinets to reduce heat loss-gain in Ducane package units
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches in select Ducane package units
  • Ducane package units have prepainted steel cabinets for durability
  • Select Ducane package units have integration diagnostics board for easy package unit troubleshooting
  • copper tubing with aluminum fins for the coils - for more on this see our article aluminum versus copper and how some HVAC manufacturers are switching to all aluminum coils

Ducane Package Unit Top SEER Rating

Always make sure you read and understand the warranty and comply with all the terms and conditions. Most HVAC warranties include parts but not labor so be aware you will be responsible for labor if something goes wrong.

Ducane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Ducane

Ducane was found in 1947 in Union City, New Jersey and was eventually purchased by Lennox. Ducane produces HVAC products for residential and light commercial applications including gas furnaces, oil furnaces, unit heaters, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

For more information on Ducane and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Ducane website.

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Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Ducane Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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