Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsWestinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Westinghouse offers both gas packs and heat pump package units ranging in efficiency ratings from minimum levels up to 20 SEER, 8 HSPF, and 81 AFUE for gas packs. The 20 SEER relates to the Westinghouse air conditioner portion of the gas pack while the 81 AFUE relates to the gas portion of the gas pack. Westinghouse also has a gas pack that is 95% AFUE but only has a SEER rating of 14.

The 8 HSPF relates to the heat pump which can be purchased in a hybrid model that offers a gas pack heat pump/combination. Select Westinghouse package units are Energy Star rated for added efficiency and possible tax credits/rebates for your purchase.

Westinghouse Package Unit Top SEER


Westinghouse Package unit Top AFUE

Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

The efficiency ratings on Westinghouse package units are impressive when compared to other manufacturers efficiency ratings for package units. At least for the air conditioner side of the package unit standing at 20 SEER which is quite good for a package unit. Westinghouse achieves this by using modulation control to modulate the refrigeration system that provides cooling. They control the modulation of the system from 40% to 118% of capacity for the cooling side of the gas pack. Modulation control is key to doing this and it is based on demand and features in the thermostat that controls this modulation.

Features - Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Some features of select Westinghouse package units include:

Additional Features and Components - Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Westinghouse also offers economy model package units that meet the minimum efficiency levels as required by DOE or Department of Energy Efficiency Standards for HVAC Manufacturers. These units typically have the bare minimum components to go along with the minimum efficiency ratings. Looking over some of the features for the economy models some of them do have a variable-speed blower motor and a two-stage gas furnace for heating low-fire and high-fire. This helps you keep temperatures more even while the variable speed ECM blower motor helps you dehumidify in the summer for better comfort provided it is set up and if it is controlled properly.

Westinghouse Two-stage Furnace Operation Comparison

The condenser fan motor in the economy model Westinghouse package unit is the standard PSC motor used in many conventional systems. It also has the refrigeration pressure switches mentioned above that come with the premium models. This is good and an added feature you likely will not find in other package unit brands.

Warranties and About - Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

The heat exchanger and compressors in the Westinghouse package units come with a ten-year complete unit replacement if any of these components fail within that time. As compared to some other brands, it’s okay but not the best warranty as many manufacturers give 20-years to lifetime warranties on their heat exchangers. The rest of the warranty is a 10-year parts warranty. This goes beyond others who have 5-year parts warranties. Always check the manufacturer for current warranty information.

We also recommend, if you are buying the premium models, that you ask the dealer if they offer extended parts and labor warranty. The premium models can be very expensive to repair especially if a major component fails. Since Westinghouse will take care of the part costs the labor falls to you. Sometimes labor can be very expensive because of the amount of work and skilled labor rates. We simply encourage you to try and protect yourself from expensive repairs by purchasing an extended warranty.

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Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings