Payne Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsPayne Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings. Payne offers package units in the 2 to the 5-ton range. Their line-up of package units includes gas packs, straight air conditioners, and heat pumps. Package units are ideal for specific applications in residential and light commercial applications. They are best used in places where installing an air handler is difficult or impossible.

While package units do not offer the best efficiency-wise from a conventional split system, there are situations where package units can only use for heating and cooling. Mobile homes and smaller houses where closet space is at a minimum. Rooftop installations make package units ideal for light commercial applications. A package unit can best be used in these applications.

Payne Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Looking through the current Payne models of package units they are missing a dual-fuel heat pump package unit. This is not uncommon as many manufacturers only offer basic models for package units. I can only assume it is because sales of package units are not as robust as split systems. However, when a split system is difficult to install package units become the only choice for many people. There are definitely other manufacturers that make package units with higher efficiency but if your choice is Payne here are the details.

Various features of Payne package units include:

  • Engineered for quiet operation
  • Wire hail guard grille for protection of condenser coils
  • High- and low-pressure refrigeration switches which protect the system in the event of a refrigeration loss of charge or lack of maintenance for things such as dirty or blocked condenser coils
  • Direct spark gas ignition in the gas packs
  • Can be installed on rooftop or ground level
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers Payne in gas packs
  • ECM variable-speed blower motor
  • Scroll compressor
  • Quiet Shift defrost for Payne package unit heat pumps
  • Check with the manufacturer or dealer about the warranty information. Make sure you register the warranty within the deadline period after installation otherwise the manufacturer may not honor any warranty.


Payne Package Unit Top AFUE

Payne Package Unit Top SEER Rating

The warranty information on the Payne site was rather vague. It is either 5 or 10 years depending on registration and model you purchase. I always recommend going with the best contractor over the brand so do your homework on the contractor before signing a contract.

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DW Payne and his son began building furnaces in a converted barn in Los Angeles in 1914. Through the years they come up with innovative new designs and products. Eventually, they were purchased by Carrier and now Payne is in the family of HVAC companies run under the umbrella of United Technologies.

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The video below shows the installation of a package unit and the difficulties involved in the job.

Package Unit Reviews

Payne Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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