Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage Tank
Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage Tank - This domestic hot water mixing valve offers a way to temper the hot water coming from a hydronic hot water loop and boiler. It is very important to maintain the appropriate and desirable temperatures of water used for domestic water use. First, you want to maintain a safe temperature so people are not scalded by extremely hot water temperatures. Once the temperature is safe it needs to be reliable. Since the boilers operate or are on standby 24/7 - 365, the availability is there to reliably make domestic hot water on demand.

Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage Tank

Boiler loops generally work at a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature is too hot for human contact without scolding or seriously burning the skin. A mixing valve is used in the loop to maintain a safe temperature for human comfort. The hot water is mixed with cold water at the mixing valve and the result is the temperature dialed into the mixing control valve which has a range of 120 degrees to 140 degrees if used for domestic hot water applications.

Other mixing valves can be purchased that will give a whole range of temperatures including mixing valves that can be controlled by PLCs or DDC to maintain specific temperature ranges for whatever the desired temperature is for the application. This particular valve is being used for domestic hot water in a buildings kitchen and for hot water in the bathrooms. These valves allow for the use of heated boiler water to be used for domestic hot water. Of course, the heating loop is separate from the domestic water loop.

Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage Tank - Hot Water Storage Tank and Associated Boiler and Piping

Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage TankAnother method of providing domestic hot water is to use a domestic hot water storage tank to use the hot water that originates in a hot water loop for heating purposes. The temperature can be maintained in the tank via temperature sensors and pump control.

When the temperature drops in the tank the pump kicks on circulating water through some tubes in the hot water storage tank causing the water temperature to rise. As the temperature in the hot water storage tank rises to the specific set point the pump then stops pumping water from the water loop through the coil inside the storage tank.

The process repeats itself whenever the temperature inside the storage tank drops. These types of tanks are ideal for people who have hot water boiler systems they use for hot water heating. Steam boiler systems can also be retrofitted to be used for heating water inside a domestic storage tank.

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Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve and Domestic Storage Tank

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