Stationary Load Bank for Testing Electrical EquipmentStationary Load Bank for Testing Electrical Equipment - Large data centers often need load banks for testing or exercising electrical equipment from time to time especially after maintenance procedures have taken place and the maintenance staff wants to test the system to make 100% certain the equipment will operate when the time comes for it to operate.

Stationary Load Bank for Testing Electrical Equipment

Testing generators are one use for these stationary load banks and load banks can also be used for testing UPS (universal power supplies). This load bank provides a resistive load to generators and UPS systems inside a large data center.

The load bank can be stepped up to various Kilowatt levels so a range of KWs can be used to test the range of the generator from a small load to 100% of the KW rating of the generator. Load banks can also be portable on a trailer so it can be moved from place to place for testing electrical equipment.

Stationary Load Bank for Testing Electrical Equipment | Portable Load Banks and Testing

Portable loads banks can also be used to test the HVAC system by providing a heat load on the data center floor that resembles a heat load provided by the servers. Backup systems can be tested such a chilled water storage tank that will provide cooling in case the chillers or other HVAC cooling equipment goes down.

The stationary load banks are for testing the electrical equipment as noted above. By putting a real electrical load on a generator or a bank of batteries the electrical systems can be tested for faults. Engineers can also learn how long it takes for backup systems to come online or how long they will last, such as batteries, in case of the loss of utility.

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Stationary Load Bank for Testing Electrical Equipment

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