Dust Smoke Filter BanksDust Smoke Filter Banks | Indoor Air Quality

Dust Smoke Filter Banks - These filter banks filter the exhaust air from a welding lab where lots of smoke, fumes and related dust ends up going through these smoke filter banks. Specialized filtering systems are commonly used in industrial areas where fumes, smoke, and dust can be hazardous to the health of people working there.

Dust Smoke Filter Banks | HVAC Ventilation Systems

These are tied to special exhaust fans and the buildings DDC system. Whenever someone enters a booth to begin welding in the welding booths they engage the smoke/fume exhaust switch and an exhaust fan energizes to pull any fumes and smoke out of the booth area and through the ductwork where it terminates at these filter banks.

The DDC monitors the differential pressure across the filters so when the filters are loaded up a signal is sent to an operator to change the filters. Specialized filter systems can be used for dust collection, smoke and fume collection and mitigation, gas vapors, and mist from liquids. This process increases the cleanliness of the air inside the workspace and the number of pollutants rejected through the ventilation system into the outside air.

Dust Smoke Filter Banks | HVAC Ventilation Systems

Similar types of ventilation systems are used in garages to remove dangerous CO and other fumes and vapors from engine exhaust. A hose is typically hooked up to the exhaust pipe of the engine before the engine is started. The technician/mechanic then turns on the ventilation system so the dangerous and toxic fumes can be exhausted to the outside air instead of inside the garage.

HVAC ventilation systems have advanced a long ways of helping rid buildings and spaces of toxic fumes that in the past the occupants would have breathed in causing possible health problems.

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Dust Smoke Filter Banks

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