Data Center Tridium HVAC Control PanelData Center Tridium HVAC Control Panel - As data centers go and HVAC controls function are typically done controlled with either direct digital controls or a very complex SCADA system with direct digital controls being the preference in most situations. Tridium is a developer of direct digital controls software and hardware and Tridium specializes in controls integration through the Tridium software they develop that allows different devices and different communication protocols to communicate to one another.

Data Center Tridium HVAC Control Panel

Effectively taking one smart device (a device with a microprocessor that has the ability to communicate) and allowing it to talk or communicate with another smart device over a network. With Tridium software, a building engineer can have all building controls integrated into one network and collect all the data and monitor it on one server for local monitoring or remote monitoring over the internet. Complete integration includes security systems, HVAC controls, access control systems, lighting control systems, and includes a wide array of video monitoring and control solutions.

Data Center Tridium HVAC Control Panel | Framework

Tridium’s Niagara Framework can integrate smart device or smart component in a building no matter what its communication protocol and bring it all together into one monitoring station for better control and access for the buildings operating and maintenance staff. The data is then collected and processed through modeling software that offers a clean interface through a browser that has graphics and data combined into one screen.

Data Center Tridium HVAC Control Panel | Conclusion

Trending of different smart devices is also another feature that helps Building Engineers and maintenance staff make better decisions and optimize control functions that will save energy by tweaking control systems. Niagara is the software for Tridium but Tridium also offers hardware for an add-on, retrofit, or the entire job can be done with Tridium hardware/software excluding specific smart devices and SCADA systems. Tridium refers to their hardware as JACE’s and the JACE’s offer different levels of controls from communication routers to inputs and outputs. The above control panel is installed in a data center and Tridium controls the HVAC system and is integrated with the SCADA system.

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Data Center Tridium HVAC Control Panel

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