Steam to Hot Water Generator HVAC HeatingSteam to Hot Water Generator HVAC Heating

Steam to Hot Water Generator HVAC Heating - There are some facilities including campus like complexes that use a centralized steam plant as a steam to hot water generator. The steam is generated from a large boiler and piped to various buildings around the campus or whatever facility is used. Typically several buildings utilized the steam for heating and hot water for domestic uses including showers, washing dishes, washing clothes and other domestic uses. The steam is usually high pressure and for this reason it is safer to deliver it to a mechanical room, reduce the pressure, and run the steam through a steam to hot water generator. A steam to hot water generator is nothing more than a big heat exchanger where at one end steam is delivered and at the other end water is delivered. As the steam runs through the exchanger it exchanges heat with the steam heating the water. Thus, producing hot water for domestic use and heating use in the winter.

Steam to Hot Water Generator HVAC Heating

It is important that the process is controlled so that the hot water generated does not get too hot. The hot water produced can be used in hot water coils and pumped into storage tanks for use later for domestic purposes. Again, it is important to control the temperature as closely as possible to prevent the H2O from becoming too hot especially for domestic uses where scalding water can be inadvertently delivered to showers and sinks where people can be burned. The steam pumped into the generator is usually superheated and can produce H2O with very high temperatures.

Steam to Hot Water Generator HVAC Heating

High Performance HVACSteam to Hot Water Generator HVAC Heating

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