DX CRAC Unit CondensersDX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC - Most data centers do not utilize HVAC DX (Direct Expansion) CRAC units or air conditioning but instead use chilled water systems to provide cooling for the data center. In smaller buildings such as remote telecom buildings, DX air conditioning systems are used to keep the equipment cool and operating efficiently.

DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC - Telecom Buildings

A DX CRAC Unit uses vapor compression refrigeration to provide cooling with a chemical refrigerant versus a chilled water system that utilizes chilled water from a chiller. CRAC Units or Computer Room Air Conditioners also serve telecom facilities for telephone services including cellular telephone facilities in remote locations. The CRAC units that serve telecom facilities in remote locations are typically DX CRAC Units that have utility backup by standby generator so that if the utility fails to provide electricity for whatever reason the standby generator kicks on and provides power so that the telecom facility can remain online.

Critical facilities include telecom buildings and data centers. They can also include pumping stations and other important facilities important to basic services and infrastructure especially emergency services. These critical facilities often are used for basic communication in the event of an emergency or deemed valuable as most data centers are in that if they go down it will cost a lot of money to people and business for the loss of service for the data center. That is especially true for financial institutions.

DX CRAC Unit Condensers for Critical Facilities

The DX or Direct expansion computer room air conditioners are a part of a redundant system of cooling systems for the equipment located in the telecom building. The equipment, not unlike servers, produces a lot of heat and the heat needs to be removed from the building otherwise the equipment will not function properly and even fail because of high temperatures.

The direct expansion or DX computer room air conditioners work to remove this heat. In the event of the failure of one of the CRAC Units, a back system will come online to provide emergency cooling while the failed system sends an automated alarm to the operators and maintenance staff letting them know they have a problem that needs to be repaired.

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DX CRAC Unit Condensers | Critical Facility HVAC