Belimo Actuators HVAC Automatic Valve ControlBelimo Actuators HVAC Automatic Valve Control

Many processes or actions in HVAC are made more efficient by having them automatically controlled by the control system. This enhancement of efficiency is possible by using Belimo actuator valve control. The Belimo automatic HVAC valve control is made possible with DDC and modulating electric Belimo actuators.

Belimo Actuators HVAC Automatic Valve Control

This actuator can modulate the valve to regulate the flow of water through the pipe. This actuator is mounted on a valve that regulates the amount of chilled water flow that gets to the chilled water coil. If the set point of the supply air temperature is low the valve modulates open until set point is reached or until the actuator modulates to a 100 percent. If the supply air temperature raises then the valves closes off some. The actuator can maintain the position of the valve from 0 to 100 percent and anywhere in between based on preset variables which control the supply air temperature set point of the air handler. The actuator modulates based on a voltage or current signal which is received from a DDC or solid state controller. All this makes it possible for automatic HVAC valve control which enhances efficiency and saves energy dollars for the building owner and end user.


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Belimo Actuators HVAC Automatic Valve Control