Data Center Commissioning - A load bank which gives a heat load for testing the cooling system in a data center. The load banks are also used to give the electrical system a load for testing the data centers electrical equipment and redundancy. PDU’s or Power Distribution Units, switchgear, automatic transfer switches, static transfer switches, UPS or universal power supplies along with banks of batteries, are all tested in conjunction with the load banks. So the load banks are used for electrical testing and mechanical testing since the load banks provide both an electrical load and a heat load, therefore the load banks simulate the server electrical load and the server heat load long before the servers enter the data center.

Data Center Commissioning - Underfloor Plenum

Data Center Commissioning BasicsThe perforated tile floor will go above the floor you see here. Under the tiles there is wiring including electrical and comm wiring plus this entire floor space under the tiles will carry cool air to the servers on top of the tiled flooring. The underfloor space is used as a plenum along with strategically placed perforated tiles designed to distribute the air in specific areas of the data center. In some cases, the airflow will be distributed directly into the server rack or equipment that produces heat loads on the data center floor.

Commissioning Tier Levels for Data Centers

Lastly, every data center is graded by the level of security they have and this grade is included in their overall reliability rating of the data center. This will be in the data centers tier level with tier 4 being the best. The backbone of a tier 4 data center (or any data center for that matter) is the redundancy of the mechanical and electrical systems. Redundancy reduces the possibility of catastrophic failure of the servers. Commissioning a new data center is basically testing all the systems to ensure they meet the owners requirements and the basic guideline criteria for whatever design the data center is engineered for.
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Data Center Commissioning

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