Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools WaterCooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical - Cooling towers use the process of evaporation to cool or removes heat from the condenser water that was transferred to the water in the chiller condenser barrel. The heat is absorbed in the load in this case in a data center on a data center floor. The servers and electrical equipment produce a massive amount of sensible heat.

The heat is absorbed by computer room air conditioners or computer room air handlers. These systems, computer room air handlers, and air conditioners have chilled water coils. The chilled water originates at the chiller into the primary loop. The water circulates through the primary loop and makes its way into the secondary loops.

Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water | HVAC Technical | Critical Facility

The chilled water flows through the secondary chilled water loop and to the loads or the coils in the computer room air conditioners and/or computer room air handlers. The heat is absorbed into the chilled water and is carried back to the chiller where the evaporator absorbs the heat into the refrigerant. Through the process of refrigeration, the refrigerant in the chiller absorbs the heat from the chiller evaporator barrel.

The heat-laden refrigerant then is transferred to the condenser barrel where the heat is transferred again to the condenser water in the condenser water loop. This heat-laden water is then carried out to the cooling tower where the cooling tower uses the process of evaporation to cool the water or remove the heat from the water. This same heat was removed from the data center on the data floor that was produced by computers and electrical equipment needed to support the servers in the data center.

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That is a description of the process of moving the heat from the load on the data center floor to the outside. It is a classic definition of refrigeration – moving heat from a place where it is unwanted or not needed to a place where it doesn’t matter.

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Cooling Tower Evaporation Cools Water