Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water SystemLarge Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System - This large HVAC condenser pump serves a new chiller located in a data center. This pump pumps condenser water through the condenser chiller barrel and to cooling to reject the heat absorbed in the chillers evaporator barrel. The pump works to move the water from the chiller to the cooling and then back through the chiller again. The water is diluted with a glycol solution to prevent freezing in the wintertime when the chiller needs to run at low ambient temperatures.

Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System

These pumps connect the cooling tower to a waterside economizer and a few chillers. The water goes through a condenser chiller barrel and absorbs heat from the refrigerant in a heat exchanger in the barrel. The water is then sent to the cooling tower where the cooling tower rejects the heat contained in the water. The cooled water is then returned to the chiller barrel to absorb more heat and make the return trip to the cooling tower. This process repeats over and over again providing cooling for the data center by removing heat from the data center floor that the servers produce.

Waterside Economizers | Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System

The waterside economizer is used in the winter. The chillers are shut down and the water is pumped through the cooling tower where the water is chilled from the cold air outside. This chilled water is pumped through a heat exchanger where the water absorbs the heat from the water being fed to the loads inside the data center. In this case, the loads are the air handlers that absorb the heat from the air inside the data center. This is done through chilled water coils inside the air handlers or Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH Units). This process eliminates the need to run the chillers resulting in energy savings.

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Large Condenser Pump for a Chilled Water System