Ceiling Fan in a Garage
Ceiling Fan in a Garage | HVAC Airflow –¬†
This ceiling fan keeps the air moving in a large garage where repairs are made to heavy machinery. In addition to providing a level of comfort by keeping the air moving in the shop the ceiling fan also helps to keep noxious fumes at higher elevations and moving towards the exhaust fans so the noxious fumes from heavy equipment can be removed from the shop area.

Ceiling Fan in a Garage | HVAC Airflow

These fans keep air circulating in the garage to provide comfort when it’s hot and to recirculate warm air to the floor when it is cold. Providing comfort for workers increases productivity and enhances efficiency for workers. This particular building is on an Army base and the garage is a repair facility for tanks. The ceiling fans make things more comfortable for the soldiers working on and repairing the tanks.

The black metal you see hanging from the ceiling of the shop are baffles to keep the noise levels to a minimum. The whole shop is designed to keep noxious diesel fumes from the vehicles being repaired from affecting the occupants of the shop.

Ceiling Fan in a Garage | Safety

The shop is also equipped with a carbon monoxide sensor and a sulfur dioxide sensor that automatically activates the ceiling fans and the exhaust fans so the air will always remain safe inside the garage. HVAC has a “V” in it and that “V” stands for ventilation. This ceiling fan in the garage facilitates the ventilation process along with some louvers that are controlled by the building automation system also.

When the CO detectors detect excess CO above the safe limit set point the ceiling fans activate and the louvers open via actuators on the louvers. This keeps the workers in the shop safe from the hazards of CO poisoning.

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Ceiling Fan in a Garage