ArcoAire Package Unit ReviewsArcoAire Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Opinions - Arcoaire currently offers 19 different models of package units among their DuraComfort™ and Performance Series brands. Specifically, 3 models in their ultra-efficient DuraComfort™ Series and the 16 models in their Performance Series. The best performing air conditioner package unit is their 16 SEER DuraComfort model. The next DuraComfort™ model is their combination gas furnace and air conditioner coming in at 16 SEER for the AC side and 81% AFUE for the gas furnace side.

Lastly, ArcoAire has heat pump package units. Efficiency ratings for their DuraComfort™ Series heat pump package unit are 15.5 SEER and 8.5 HSPF. See more about efficiency below along with other details for ArcoAire package units.

ArcoAire Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Opinions

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Among the 19 different models offered by ArcoAire for their package unit HVAC systems, you can break them down into 3 different categories. 1) ArcoAire has a straight air conditioner packaged unit which can be fitted with electric heat but otherwise has no heat available. 2) ArcoAire has a combination gas furnace air conditioner package unit that many in the HVAC industry refer to as gas packs. 3) and you have the heat pump package unit with electric heat strips as a backup source of heat when the temperature gets too cold outside for the refrigeration to effectively provide heating. ArcoAire does have a dual fuel heat pump package unit that has gas for backup heat.

Dual-fuel heat pumps are available which means the package unit is a heat pump with a gas furnace used for backup heat. Most heat pumps use electric heat strips for backup heat. A dual-fuel heat pump offers added efficiency as electric heat costs more to produce than the heat produced by a gas furnace. Additionally, if a problem occurs with the heat pump, the gas furnace can be used as an emergency source of heat. To have this option for dual-fuel, you need a source of gas whether it is propane or natural gas.

Select Features | ArcoAire Package Unit Reviews

Various features of select ArcoAire package units include:

  • Copper coils with aluminum fins. Some manufacturers are using all-aluminum coils. ArcoAire maintains standard industry practice with aluminum fins over copper coils. More information about copper versus aluminum here.
  • Rugged and durable cabinet for longevity and protection of components.
  • High-pressure and low-pressure refrigeration switches are not common in the industry. This is an added feature that protects the equipment when there are problems in the refrigeration circuit.
  • Control panels with easy access to controls. This makes it easier for technicians to troubleshoot the system if there is a problem.
  • Select ArcoAire package units have two-stage scroll compressors. Two-stage scrolls add efficiency to the system but are only available in the higher SEER/HSPF models.
  • For heat pump package units, ArcoAire uses a quiet reversing valve so you don’t get the loud whoosh sound that comes when heat pump reversing valves shift from heating to cooling and vice versa.
  • High SEER ratings for package units in the premium models.
  • ECM Variable-Speed blower motors in select higher efficiency models.
  • Select Arcoaire package units are Energy Star qualified.

ArcoAire Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Opinions

Overall, the impression is given by the ArcoAire package unit information in addition to field experience that, Arcoaire does a good job of providing a full line of feature-rich models that are competitive with other brands. The warranties offered by Arcoaire also vary but are typical of warranties offered throughout the HVAC industry. High Performance HVAC always recommends getting a part and labor warranty, especially for higher efficiency equipment.

Dealing with customers as often as I do the happiest are typically the customers who made the wise decision to purchase the extra parts and labor warranty when they bought the new system. For more information, see our HVAC Equipment Buyers Guide help guide you through the buying process.

About ArcoAire Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Opinions

Arcoaire is owned by ICP or International Comfort Products. ICP is owned by United Technologies which is the parent company of Carrier, Bryant, and other HVAC name brands. Many of the systems offer the same engineering as Carrier and Bryant and have a similar look to them.

The most important part of buying new HVAC equipment is the selection of the installation contractor. Always choose a quality contractor over the brand. The HVAC equipment is only as good as the installation.

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ArcoAire Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Opinions