Min-Split Air Conditioner Air FlowMini-split Air Conditioners - Ductless air conditioners are like regular air conditioners with ducts in that the compressor is located outside. They are often preferable to window units for aesthetic reasons. Ductless air conditioners are not good for cooling more than 1 or 2 rooms at a time and are expensive on initial purchase. Ductless air conditioners are also known as split system air conditioners or mini-split systems. As mentioned earlier the larger units are placed outside the building or home.

Ductless Air Conditioner Design – Mini-split Air Conditioners

Mini-split Air ConditionersDuctless air conditioners are comprised of indoor and outdoor units, allowing for a peaceful indoor environment with louder condenser components outside. Copper tubing is used to easily connect the indoor unit and outdoor unit together. Ductless air conditioners operate quietly since the compressor is outside and the evaporator fan generally runs at a low speed.

Variable speed high-efficiency fans are typical in mini-split air conditioners. Mini-split air conditioner technology (or Ductless) was developed for Japan’s growing population and limited space.

Mini-Splits for the Ideal Situation – Mini-split Air Conditioners

Such duct-free mini-split air conditioning systems are ideal for homeowners who want to replace their window units with a better more attractive and efficient air conditioning system. Installing central air conditioning can be a major expense. Installing dual and triple-zone air conditioning can be even more expensive. Installation of ductless ACs does not require massive runs of ductwork required by conventional ducted air conditioners.

Mini-split ACs are preferred because the indoor unit can be hung on the wall instead of in a window. Mini-split ACs eliminate the fact that thieves can easily remove a window unit and get indoors leading to security hazards. Mini-split air conditioners are the best option available for individuals that have bigger homes and want to save on electricity costs.

Ductless Air Conditioner Advantages

Ductless split systems combine the zoning flexibility of conventional room units with the whole house cooling potential of a central system. Ductless, mini-split air conditioners/heaters reduce energy bills by localizing cooling and heating to specific zones of your home. Homeowners looking for a substantially less expensive alternative to central AC for home renovations will like the mini-split or ductless AC option.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners Installation

Ductless systems are ideal for older homes that have radiators or baseboard heaters and no existing ductwork installed. Ductless ACs have a centralized AC motorized damper system that cools every corner of the room where the indoor part of the mini split air conditioner is located.

Ductless ACs can be installed in locations that cannot support the installation of ducted AC systems. Ductless heat pump models are available for efficient heating in the winter season also. Ductless ACs or heat pumps prove to be very useful for your home as well. Aside from the indoor mini-split unit hanging on the wall ductless ACs do not affect the interiors.

Ductless systems cost more than window systems and about 30 percent more than installing central air with existing ducts but are less expensive than adding central air conditioning and ductwork. A Ductless AC system is a cost-effective choice over central AC or window unit AC systems.

The mini-split air conditioner was designed to fit into spaces where conventional air conditioning could be installed. Additionally, they needed air conditioning that was very quiet. Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are also often easier to install than other types of air conditioning systems. The copper lines and wiring between the outdoor and indoor units generally require only a small two or three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit. Additionally, a small tube is needed to drain condensation outside the dwelling.

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Mini-split Air Conditioners