Bryant Package Unit Reviews | Consumer RatingsBryant Package Unit Reviews - Bryant package units include a full-line of package units configured as hybrid heat pump package units with gas heat, gas furnace, and air conditioner package units know as gas packs, air conditioning only package units, and air conditioner package units with electric heat. Bryant package units are primarily used for light commercial and residential uses.

Bryant Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Bryant package units also are available for bigger commercial use. The residential light commercial package comes in sizes ranging from 2 to 5 tons and with efficiency ranges of 13 to 16 SEER and 80 AFUE for the gas packs however always check the AHRI website for baseline efficiency ratings for select Bryant systems.

Bryant Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Various features of selected Bryant package units include:

  • Bryant package units utilize R410A refrigerant
  • Selected Bryant package units are Energy Star rated
  • Two-speed Scroll compressors in selected Bryant package units
  • Direct spark ignition in select Bryant gas package units
  • Bryant package units are engineered for quiet operation
  • Heat pump package units available with gas backup heat for dual fuel capabilities
  • Bryant Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Bryant Quality as Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 99% 99%
  • Bryant Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 97% 97%
  • Overall Bryant Opinion from a Technical Perspective 94% 94%

Bryant Package Unit Top SEER Rating

Bryant has an efficient package unit for their top-tier system. It closely matches other efficiency ratings for other competitor’s units. One thing of note, Bryant does not have an ECM variable-speed blower like many others have in their high-efficiency package systems. While it is closely rated the same others, it definitely could be more with an ECM variable-speed blower motor.

Bryant Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Bryant

Bryant was founded in 1904 by Charles Bryant offering gas-fired boilers. Bryant is now owned by United Technologies which is also the parent company of Carrier. If you have a specific Bryant air conditioner model number you want reviewing please email us the information and we will do our best to review that particular Bryant air conditioner model number.

For more information on Bryant and its latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Bryant website.

Package Unit Reviews

Bryant Package Unit Reviews | Consumer Ratings