honeywell gas furnace controlsHoneywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control Modules | HVAC Heating. There are many different types of gas furnace ignition control modules that control a gas furnace or gas boiler. These solid-state control modules can easily be retrofitted to replace other control modules. In some cases, printed circuit boards in case of failure. The key is to replace the failed module or furnace control board with a new control module that will offer the correct sequence of operation. A gas furnace ignition control module that matches the same ignition components. One of the largest manufacturers of gas furnace and gas boiler ignition controls is Honeywell. The gas ignition control modules offered by Honeywell include the following modules:

Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control

Honeywell offers several types of furnace ignition controls for both gas and oil furnaces and boilers. Here is a basic list of Honeywell ignition control modules commonly found in gas furnaces. This article is mainly applicable to the S8610U Honeywell ignition control module. The U in the model stands for universal as it can replace several different control modules. There are limitations and considerations when using this as a replacement control. It will not control a fan. Separate controls for this need to be in place before using this module. Separate controls such as a fan limit control or camstat. The same applies to other gas furnaces and boilers. For boilers, circulator pump control should originate from another type of control. The S8610U is simply an ignition controller.

Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control Modules | S8610U
  • Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control. The S8610U Series ignition control module is Honeywell’s universal intermittent ignition module for furnaces and boilers. This module will work with any 24-volt gas valve that is intermittent pilot. This control module will work with a boiler or furnace that also has an automatic vent damper. On a call for heat, the S8610U will send a signal the automatic vent damper to open. Once the end switch in the automatic vent damper is closed and proven and all other safeties are closed and proven good the S8610U will send a signal to open the intermittent pilot valve in the gas valve. It then sends a spark to the pilot assembly for ignition. This spark ignites a flame and once the flame sensor proves flame at the intermittent pilot the S8610U sends a signal to the main valve in the valve to open. The main burners ignite. The S8610U ignition control is perfect for steam or hot water boilers or furnaces with a fan limit control or Camstat. This energizes the blower for the forced air furnaces.

Replacement Types
  • Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control. The S87 Series ignition control module is another Honeywell gas ignition control that offers a replacement for a direct spark furnace or boiler system. This gas ignition control module should only be used with a direct spark ignition control gas valve.
  • Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control – The S8910 is like the S8610 ignition module but it is for hot surface ignition. These systems are direct ignition and use a Hot Surface Igniter.
  • Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control – The Honeywell SmartValve is an integrated control inside a valve. If the Honeywell Smart Valve is selected as a replacement for any type of other ignition controllers the Smart Valve needs to be retrofitted. Retrofitted with other Honeywell parts for the pilot assembly.

Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control – Other Control Manufacturers

Other manufacturers like Robertshaw, White-Rodgers and Johnson Controls make gas modules of various forms and styles with different electronic ignition sequences of operation so there are other types of replacements for gas ignition controls. As an HVAC technician, I am certain you hear the following statement over and over again. The best replacement is a direct replacement. However, there are those situations when a direct replacement is not available for whatever reason. Simply make sure you find a replacement gas ignition control with the same sequence of operation. Additionally, a control that matches the components of the gas furnace or boiler being repaired. Some gas furnace ignition control modules have a gas furnace troubleshooting diagnostic feature that helps a technician troubleshoot a gas furnace.

Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control

 Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control

Honeywell Gas Furnace Ignition Control Modules

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