Gas Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table - Gas and oil vent flue piping uses different types of materials depending on the applications. It is important that gas or oil flue vent pipes are installed correctly and maintained throughout the life of the furnace This pipe has a condensation problem which an adept technician will recognize and take corrective action before the corrosive effects of condensed gas residue eat through the flue pipes and weaken masonry in chimneys.

Gas and Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table  | HVAC Heating

Gas or Oil Venting Materials

Temperature Range
Gas or Oil Furnaces


Liner Required in most applications. Check local codes

350 to 1800 degrees F.
Oil Furnaces
L Vent
1000 degrees F.
Gas Furnaces
B & BW Vent
550 degrees F.
Gas or Oil Furnaces

Single Wall Metal Pipe

Depends on the application. Check local codes.

See flue pipe manufacturers for temperature.
Pressure vented gas furnaces
AL29-4C (Stainless-steel)
100 to 480 degrees F.

Gas Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table | HVAC Heating

Gas Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table | HVAC Heating

It is important to check with the manufacturer of venting material for temperature ranges and application. It is also very important the vent piping is installed correctly. The Mechanical Code and Fuel Gas code along with local codes will be applicable to different applications. Following the code is important so that the flue gases are safely vented to the atmosphere and no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning exists. The condition of the below flue vent will eventually cause a hazardous condition. What looks like water drips (the white stains on the pipe) is actually flue gases condensing too soon before they are properly vented. Flue vent size is important as well as correct installation. Always reference the Mechanical code and local code authorities for the latest information and data on proper materials to use.

Gas Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table

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Gas Oil Vent Flue Vents Materials Table | HVAC Heating Systems

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