Trane 90 Plus High-Efficiency Gas FurnaceTrane 90 Plus High-Efficiency Gas Furnace – This is a Trane High-Efficiency gas furnace. It is also called a Trane 90 plus gas furnace because it offers efficiency ratings up to 90 percent plus. Gas or oil furnaces generally cannot achieve efficiency ratings over 95% because of impurities in the fuel including moisture. This is the reason why no fossil fuel furnace sold to the general public has a rating of more than 95% efficient.

Trane 90 Plus High Efficiency Gas Furnace - Fuel Quality

The biggest impurity in many fuels is moisture which is difficult to remove because it is in the distribution and storage places where the fuel is distributed and stored. If these impurities were removed from the fuels before they were introduced to the furnace the cost of the fuel would be much higher and the cost to benefit ratio would not be effective. See our article on fuel purity here.

Trane 90 Plus High-Efficiency Gas Furnace - Overall Efficiency

You can have a Trane 90 plus gas furnace and get efficiency but if your ductwork is bad or your has is drafty with bad insulation you will not gain so much as far as efficiency is concerned. This is a good reason before you have a Trane high-efficiency gas furnace installed that you look at the big picture and have an effective plan in place to fix drafty windows and doors and add insulation to your home or business. It is also a good reason to do a complete evaluation of the entire HVAC system including the ductwork.

Leaking ductwork will cause you to lose the efficiency of the whole system because the conditioned or heat air from the Trane high-efficiency furnace is not being delivered to the space where it is needed. You can learn more information about ductwork integrity in our category for ductwork.

Trane 90 Plus High-Efficiency Gas Furnace | Other Types of Gas Furnaces

Trane, along with many other manufacturers, produces different types of gas furnaces. These gas furnaces have various levels of efficiency or AFUE ratings. These types of gas furnaces for residential and light commercial systems include:

Trane 90 Plus High-Efficiency Gas Furnace | Conclusion

Trane offers these different types of gas furnaces at various efficiency levels. If you are considering purchasing a new gas furnace or air conditioner see our HVAC reviews category using the menu at the top. You may also want to browse our Buyers Advice Category to help with your purchase. There is a lot of valuable advice in there for HVAC equipment consumers.

See our Trane Gas Furnace Review here.

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HVAC Trane 90 Plus Gas Furnace High-Efficiency Furnace

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